GPs and pharmacies run out of flu jags, in England but Matt says it’s OK, chill.

BBC Health at the end of September:

Some GPs and pharmacies have run out of flu jabs and are asking people to wait until more stock can be delivered. Boots says it has seen very high demand for the vaccine and has now had to suspend bookings.

It doesn’t seem to have been a national scandal but, in Scotland, well only in Fife and Tayside, a handful of complaints passed by one woman to the P&J, BBC Scotland and now the Scotsman, is.

Anyhow, Ross needs to have a word with the Minister Health in England before panicking old folk up here:


Calm down Duggie. You’re worrying about nothing here. I don’t see Sir Keir or Sir Ed complaining.

6 thoughts on “GPs and pharmacies run out of flu jags, in England but Matt says it’s OK, chill.

  1. …. one would be flattering this Cretin by calling him a Clown … it defies credulity that the ineptitude spouted thus far could be surpassed …. but I await this scenario to be revealed imminently …. thank the Almighty that Scots are realising the only hope is Independence !!!! …. we may not always get it right …. but we couldn’t get it any worse than this bunch of incompetent’s !!

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  2. Contracting seasonal flu and covid 19
    Is a matter of the highest magnitude
    Chance of survival slim no matter age or health
    If over 65 or vulnerable existing health conditions
    Prepare your funeral


  3. Local pharmacy does flu jags, free if you are over 65, but can’t do them at the moment because the pharmacist is off sick. We popped in on Saturday to check before an arduous trip to our designated drive-through flu vaccine center.

    I jest, it’s 10 minutes drive away at South Gyle, and the queue was an enormous 3 vehicles. After a couple of minutes waiting, we were asked for our details, then asked to wind the windows down. Then my wife and I were jabbed painlessly and I drove home.

    NB: We didn’t even need an appointment, and just followed the instructions at NHS Inform. I gather you need an appointment in some other areas.

    We could have waited a week and gone to the local walk-in center, where no appointments are necessary – this is also detailed at NHS Inform.

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  4. Certainly ‘chilling’ to think about how the EngUKGov have handled this pandemic, ie herd immunity, and then spent £billions on handing contracts for testing etc to their donors which have all been absolute failures.
    Anywhere else and people would be demanding their resignations, people in England are obviously very chilled.


  5. Letter going out for the flu jab in Scotland. Test centres are being set up everywhere. People getting tested who need it. If they show symptoms or are in contract with others who do. Told to self isolate. The procedures are working, in Scotland, if people follow the rules and guidelines. All friends and family have been tested if need be. In workplaces or schools etc. People shielding if necessary. Or working from home, if possible. When will it ever end.


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