The National runs with the pack again to undermine SNP

After responding to the Herald‘s typical misrepresentations of what the First Minister actually said and meant, I remembered to have a look at the ‘pro-independence’ National.

They share a building and the clearly share the same interpretation:

Last-minute changes to tough new lockdown restrictions in Scotland to exempt some cafes have created a “lack of clarity”, Scotland’s First Minister has conceded.

So, this ‘lack of clarity?’

The First Minister does go on to admit that the Scottish Government’s attempts to resolve a complex problem, in everyone’s best interests, to try to save lives and to prevent a worse lock-down later, may have resulted in an unavoidable lack of clarity for some people, but she did not admit to a lack of clarity in the strategy. Rather she seemed to be addressing the ‘frustrating‘ lack of intelligence in the thinking of those, like the Herald and the National, who imply there is a lack of clarity in the strategy.

Here is her first mention of ‘clarity’ in what she actually said:

Now I want to address a frustration about what I understand some see as a lack of clarity over the exemption for cafes – which are being allowed to stay open even in the central belt during the day as long as they don’t serve alcohol. The reason for this café exemption is quite simple, it is to give people – particularly those who might be living alone and also working from home – somewhere they can still meet a friend for a coffee and a chat. And we judge that as important to help reduce the loneliness and isolation that comes with some of these restrictions that are in place right now.

I find that simple to grasp. I feel sure you do too.

The National publishes a lot of good stuff but now and then:

Should the National have denied the BMA the chance to spread anxiety about NHS Scotland?

Scotsman, Herald and National (!) contradicted as evidence shows Scottish Ambulance Service in ‘excellent condition’

EIS survey on Scottish teacher stress is stupidly covered in National then disappears before leading academic can mark it its ‘methods.’

Both BBC Scotland and the ‘pro-Independence’ Sunday National use unpublished or unreliable evidence to accuse Scottish schools of ‘unlawful’ actions

And, of course there is the bias by omission. County lines drug gangs from England and farm machinery thefts by gangs based in England but the ‘E’ word is no more mentioned in the National than on BBC.

14 thoughts on “The National runs with the pack again to undermine SNP”

  1. With regards the media and even The National
    The Indy movement is swimming in shark infested seas,against the tide & currents
    In what may be called the Sea of Indifference
    But as the polls rise in our favour we shall
    Enter The Sea of Tranquility
    And those in the media who fail to come to terms with that
    Shall either be smashed by the currents against the rocks or be dinner for the sharks who indeed are the their masters
    Never shall they be granted tranquility

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  2. Despite being a self-proclaimed Independence supporter the National does just enough undermining of the cause (and the SNP) to make me distrustful of its true motives.

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  3. I had the feeling last night when watching Reporting Scotland at 6.30pm that they had intended to ‘go big’ on the wholly manufactured stushie over the cafe/restaurant business but reality had intervened and pushed a truncated version into second place in the running order.

    That reality was the news of Covid deaths in the Oncology ward in the Western Infirmary in Edinburgh. This was the reality of an unchecked viral spread. This is why known sectors such as hospitality that aid that spread have to be reined in. Appearing to support or promoting the case for keeping that sector open under those circumstances was not a good look for the MSM.

    The situation in the oncology unit is the reality when the NHS tries to open up and treat seriously ill, vulnerable people, indeed any people, when the virus is unchecked in the community..

    The hospitality sector, or more accurately, elements within it are not doing themselves any favours by lending themselves to the anti-SG agenda of the MSM.

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  4. The paper tends to err against the SNP at times when there is a Major Propaganda Onslaught (MPO) against the party.
    Hospitality and Cafes are this weeks attack line.

    Also they have chosen an un- flattering photo of the FM.
    Something that IMHO isnt easy to find.

    Are there any journalists at the paper supplied by the BBC.?

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    1. Yeah Gav.O. But

      Every day on news stands there”s front pages that help out the Indy cause.

      Have you ever thought that we are lucky to have the paper, it aint perfect, but by a long way we’re better off having The National.

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      1. OK on that Clydebuilt, but if it isnt absolutely for independence, then there is a political advantage in stating ALL the press are biased in favour of dependency. It then follows that no press commentator, journalist or opinion-former should be allowed to play any role in the independence referendum, since “balance” is simply unattainable (as if balance was ever an issue for the Brit Nat media!).

        I’m sure I read some years ago, that a media controlled from outside a territory seeking its independence, should not be allowed any part in the plebicite to decide the outcome.
        Sadly I can no longer find the reference, though it might have been related to colonialism, which the Brits would argue does not apply to Scotland.


  5. Sorry way O/T but it seems corruption is the name of the game.

    I don’t know all the facts regarding this but a Labour MP on twitter has spoken out about it.

    PPE Medpro was given the contract 7 weeks after it was set up, a contract for the supply of 25 million gowns, worth £122 million. The contract wasn’t advertised to anyone else. It was just awarded to PPE Medpro in secret.

    Meanwhile, Florence Roby, whose owners live in Formby, in my constituency, had offered to supply 40,000 washable gowns a month to the NHS as early as March, two months before PPE Medpro was even set up

    No prizes for guessing it was the company with the connections to the Conservative Party which was given the contract.

    Looking up Medpro it seems there is only two people mentioned.
    For more info look Bill Esterson Twitter,if all this is true it just shows how much fraud is going on.


  6. The National is anti SNP. Sometimes their front page has a pro indy headline, so the BritNats tear it or chuck it onto the bottom shelf, hoping no one will see it. As with others here, I don’t trust the pro independence claim at all, it would need to be independent itself for that to be genuine.
    It’s not.


  7. The most damaging aspect of the Scottish political landscape is the inability of Nats to think outside the Indy issue .
    This leads to a cult like devotion to the movement’s leader and an inability to accept her mistakes and her faults…
    Her aggressive dog whistle prejudice against England masquerading as anti Toryism.
    Her abject mishandling of patients returned to care homes.
    Her failure to lock down Glasgow or universities because it’s her support base.
    Her recent fudged assault on the hospitality industry that has caused confusion and hardship.
    Her lying through ommission to the Salmond enquiry.
    Her failure over 10 years in matters of education, Health, policing etc.
    Life in Scotland is poorer for the SNP tenure at Holyrood all because of the obsession for Indy that was rejected by the people nd it’s time for a change.


    1. Mark
      If by pure rational we apply the same dictum
      As you do
      Cult leader. Boris
      Inability to tell the truth far less admit any error
      Her aggressive dog whistling anti English
      Boris and his time as Editor @ The Spectator

      Whereby he overseen publicication of a poem
      That referred to”verminous Scot,s to exterminate
      Her abject handling of care homes that were mostly privately owned but nonetheless given loads of timeously guidance regards PPE,infection control and isolation etc.
      Boris who missed the first 5 Cobra meetings
      Then he and his cohorts conspired and alterered the Data as to actual No.of Covid deaths continuously and to date on 3 separate occs.along with strong evidence such chicanery still lurks
      Her failure re.Universities
      Despite Scottish ones being open 2 weeks prior he ignores what happened and much worse consequences arise
      Her fudged assault on hospitality
      Boris enough to say he big pal of Wotherspoon,s Tim and known to say Fuck Industry
      Her failures over 10 yrs
      Boris his massive failures in just 20 months
      And growing in all areas and cataclysmic effects
      Her obsessions with Indy
      Boris and his obsessions with Brexit and we all know how that shall end badly

      So please explain by application of none other than logic and simple arithmetic
      How Nicolas ratings soar
      Those of Boris plummet
      Me thinks you have completely re written
      Newton,s Law of Gravity


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