The wolf is at the door. Save your tears for what is to come.

Scotland’s media are full of the pain being suffered by business folk told to temporarily close and promised compensation. I’m sure it’s hard, really hard, to see a project you’ve put much of your life into, struggle to survive but worse things do happen and for many others, they’re happening right now.

See this red line:

It tells us how many more people are dying who would not have died but for the virus. After the horrific spike in April and May, killing thousands across the country and bringing a flood of tears to their families, by following the Scottish Government plans and with a collective will, we pushed the line down to zero for weeks on end.

Who can forget the First Minister’s expressions of relief in those days?

But as life returned to our homes, pubs and universities, we have become careless and opened the door too wide. We have not been helped by the greed of university boards and the power of business interests behind the UK Government.

Widespread infection, a surge in hospital attendance and now death is back among us. The red line warns us to act now or face the same again.

Does anyone really believe that the desire to protect us from the worst is not at the heart of the Scottish Government’s actions?

Does anyone really think the tabloid headlines abusing them and interpreting their intentions as a huffy child would, are acceptable at this time?

Does anyone appreciate our supposed public service broadcaster offering only more polite versions but always from the same standpoint, undermining the efforts to control a deadly virus, is acceptable?

Footnote: The red line does not even tell us everything. We are only just beginning to see the evidence of the further thousands, survivors, but now with lives reduced by ‘Long-Covid.’

8 thoughts on “The wolf is at the door. Save your tears for what is to come.”

  1. Here is a bit of the wolf, pushing at the door.

    “On 30 September, R in Scotland was estimated to be between 1.3 and 1.7…

    As of 30 September COVID-19 incidence in Scotland was estimated to be between 21 and 83 new daily infections per 100,000 people. This equates to between 1,160 – 4,600 people becoming infected each day in Scotland….

    For the latest week recorded there were 4,600 new cases in Scotland, week ending 4 October. For comparison, there were over 2000 new cases in Scotland in each week of April.

    This is bad but not as bad as for the unfortunate people in some areas of England where the rates of infection are significantly higher than in Scotland. For example, “The rate in Manchester has soared, with 2,927 new cases recorded in the seven days to October 2 – the equivalent of 529.4 cases per 100,000 people….

    …Knowsley has the second highest rate, which is up from 324.1 to 498.5, with 752 new cases.

    Liverpool is in third place, where the rate has also increased sharply, from 306.4 to 487.1 with 2,426 new cases.

    Other areas recording big jumps in their seven-day rates include Newcastle upon Tyne (up from 268.1 to 434.9, with 1,317 new cases); Nottingham (up from 59.5 to 382.4, with 1,273 new cases); Leeds (up from 144.9 to 316.8, with 2,513 new cases); and Sheffield (up from 100.9 to 286.6, with 1,676 new cases.”

    The current spikes in cases in the UK is largely (or wholly?) attributable to irresponsible behaviour of the younger age groups. These people are unlikely to suffer the consequences of covid-19 infection as severely as the older groups.

    Dr Duncan Robertson , an academic at Loughborough University, tweeted regarding data in England: ““The latest figures (which will be revised upwards as new cases are recorded) show a very worrying number of cases in the over-80s.

    “A case rate of 53 per 100,000 over-80s is very concerning.”

    It is impossible to stop the spread of covid-19 from young to old.

    Concentration by the media on the effects of the pandemic on Scotland’s economy is wasted effort.

    “Saving lives or the economy in the coronavirus pandemic is a “false choice”, MPs have warned as a study confirms the UK to have one of the highest excess death rates combined with the worst projected hit to the economy.

    Data analysed by the Guardian shows the UK has effectively endured the worst of both worlds, with 610 excess deaths per million while GDP is set to fall by 11.5% this year. This places it narrowly ahead of Italy and Spain, which also have high excess death figures and devastating economic forecasts.”

    It was speed of action that helped some countries to have comparatively little GDP loss and little loss of that which is irreplaceable – life.

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    1. Scotland has very few powers to mitigate against the
      economic fall out of Covid, both present and future.
      As has been pointed out, by premier (?) in another post, Scotland is swimming in a sea of sharks, they have already chewed off the arms and are going for the legs now to stop any further progress of the work being done by the Scottish Government re Covid.
      To have a next door country control pretty much all of your fiscal levers, it’s a miracle that the SNP have managed to do such positive work so far. The BritNat state are having non of it though, so even more sharks are being added to the sea. What we do not need is to have the English government having any say in how the Scottish government proceeds, looking at what is happening in England. It’s looking like a catastrophe there, very sad indeed.
      Ps I would never give the pretendy lefty Graun rag clickbait, best to archive links to Tory/red Tory rags thanks.


  2. Listening to Nicola’s reasons , yesterday, for the ‘tweaking’ of the cafe rules and the resultant ‘pile-on’ by the media makes me wonder how the poor woman does not shout back obscenities, instead of her calm, patient explaining (over and over to dumb journalists) of why she did it.
    They are however showing the ‘hospitality industry'(?) in a poor, self seeking light – which will backfire on them all. Profits before people will not be the best look!

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  3. “Does anyone really think the tabloid headlines abusing them and interpreting their intentions as a huffy child would, are acceptable at this time?”
    I think the media and those orchestrating them behind the scenes have on this occasion fatally misjudged the mood of Scots who know what needs done and know damned well this isn’t it.
    Months of political carping, stunts and blatant propaganda campaigns whilst dealing with a pandemic have generated increasing anger at a corrupt media and corrupt politics who have the brass neck to say ignore lost friends, neighbours and family, what about this cafe chaos eh ?
    They want to drive down support for SG and independence, yet don’t have the gumption to realise the principal reason is staring at them from their own mirrors, dishonesty and contempt.

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    1. Absolutely Bob. Most people are aware of the seriousness of not imposing these restrictions, especially in fact as winter is coming up, and of course, Christmas, which if locked down then, the ‘hospitality’ industry really will suffer irreparable damage. Who wants a winter lockdown? No one.
      The BritNats will be up in arms if another lockdown is imposed, that’s the thing, yet they are risking that by not abiding to the rules right now.
      Bars etc are closed in other EU countries, are people out protesting? Not as far as I know.
      Embarassing for them that some here in Scotland have lowered themselves to do that, during a pandemic.


  4. It is a wholly artificial outrage willfully promulgated by the media and flooding the press and media.
    We’ve seen this same propaganda game played out a hundreds times, yet they keep trying to up the ante every time they fail to get traction. Right now it’s about dying or being sick for most, yet affected confusion over what a Cafe is because Cummings sees political advantage in deepest darkest London is supposed to occupy us? FFS.
    I’ve had enough of the incontinent pigeons, contaminated (potentially shower heads) water, hand sanitisers in the “wrong” place, and now “lack of clarity” emanating from Pacific Quay and beyond. Yet consider how BBC Wales looks at their dilemma as neighbours and friends die or get sick, and contrast with Pacific Quay’s “Lack of Clarity” headline concerns, are we really on the same planet ?

    Paul Davis is Welsh, clearly with ZERO concerns for his electorate unless Johnson agrees, a Tory first and foremost, somewhere a four by two is calling for deployment…


    1. I hadn’t seen that clip, potential dynamite that will affect Scotland too of course if the Welsh FM bans travel across the border. Buckle up!


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