Humbled, honoured? I’m deeply saddened, Lorraine

They do know, don’t they, that they’re embracing the British Empire? You know that empire?

The one based almost entirely on wealth derived from exploitation and slavery?

The one that brought war and brutal suppression to millions across the globe?

The one that starved millions in India and Ireland?

The one that invented concentration camps?

The one that condemned its own people to crushing poverty so that its monarchy could ride in gilded carriages?

I could go on and on.

Maybe we should be humbled by hearing of these atrocities rather than by the supposed benevolence of the monarch who has retained the most wealth from them?

I bet these folk are all ‘woke‘ and would refuse an honour from the misogynist, homophobic President of the United States but somehow can pretend a CBE or an OBE is not stained in the tears and blood of millions.

Does Lorraine Kelly know nothing of Ireland?

9 thoughts on “Humbled, honoured? I’m deeply saddened, Lorraine”

  1. ‘Living off the State, a Critical guide to Royal Finance’ by Jon Temple, Progress books. 2008 I think. Tip. Of. The. Iceberg. The ‘royals’ are rich beyond anyone’s wildest dreams, and beyond the law, literally. They take masses of cash from the public by many different means. No place in a democracy for such blatant inequality. Scotland in particular, masses of land taken, and what about the ‘Crown Estate’, what the heck is all that about. Scotland has no queen. The people of Scotland are sovereign. The L. Kelly’s of this world are boot lickers, and that’s not the worst they are either.

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  2. OBE for a freaking ‘food columnist’ at the Herod, FFS. Notice the few pound coins in the pic there re the ScotGov financial support. Not £5 notes, not £10, but a few coins. That’s all you getting for being ruined restaurants!
    Crazy world, crazy humans.

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  3. Oh dear me John
    Please credit our beloved Lorraine about her most profound knowledge of The Emerald Isle
    She most reliably assures all that
    Tis the place where you can watch Leprechauns at work and play
    And well worth a visit
    Intelectualism is not confined to a select few

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  4. Some of them should pay their taxes. The hypocrisy on TV asking for donations to charity. ‘TV kids apoeal’. The Royals and their associates tax evasion. Charles pays 10% taxes. £2Million on £20Million. No corporation tax. No capital gains. Major tax evaders looking for some cheap publicity. They evade taxes then campaign for charity. The total greedy hypocrites if they paid their taxes there would be no need for charity. Appealing for charity in £1000 dresses and clothes etc. £400million cost.

    The Royals take part in illegal wars. Bombing the world to bits. Killing and maiming millions. Them go on about respect for others. What planet are they on. The bigger consumers want to save the plant. Killing animals for sport then want to save animals. Speak out about racism. Then blow people to bits. Killing other people’s mothers. Then looking for sympathy. Mental health hypocrisy. Taking monies from the Saudi . The biggest warmongers on earth. Selling arms to them illegally since 1960’s. Harold Wilson. Kept secret under the Official Secrets Sct. Bribes and corruption.

    Diana walking through the mine fields. The cavorting with the family of the biggest arms dealer in the West. Al Feyed. Sold to Kuwaiti. He has an estate in Scotland.


  5. The ones who deserve respect are the ones who refuse the ‘Honour’. The hypocrisy and greed sickening . Killing people off with inequality.


  6. The alternative gongs and bungs:

    Knight of the BE:

    ‘Kretin’ (German adaptation) would be more appropriate as received from the House of Saxe-Coburg

    Order of the BE:

    Eh? ‘Obsequiousness’, more like

    Commander of the BE:

    At the risk of sullying your pages, a 4 letter word beginning with ‘C’ is surely more apt.

    Member of BE:

    I’ll leave this one alone. Enough said.


  7. This Empire:

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