Not trusted nor intelligent enough to inform the public accurately

The Herald opens with:

NICOLA Sturgeon admitted there has been a “lack of clarity” around new coronavirus rules as she told businesses unsure of their position to close.

We’ll leave for the moment, the notion that businesses were unsure of their position, which I doubt, and concentrate on the alleged ‘lack of clarity.

The First Minister does go on to admit that the Scottish Government’s attempts to resolve a complex problem, in everyone’s best interests, to try to save lives and to prevent a worse lock-down later, may have resulted in an unavoidable lack of clarity for some people, but she did not admit to a lack of clarity in the strategy. Rather she seemed to be addressing the ‘frustrating‘ lack of intelligence in the thinking of those, like the Herald reporter who imply there is a lack of clarity in the strategy.

Here is her first mention of ‘clarity’ in what she actually said:

Now I want to address a frustration about what I understand some see as a lack of clarity over the exemption for cafes – which are being allowed to stay open even in the central belt during the day as long as they don’t serve alcohol. The reason for this café exemption is quite simple, it is to give people – particularly those who might be living alone and also working from home – somewhere they can still meet a friend for a coffee and a chat. And we judge that as important to help reduce the loneliness and isolation that comes with some of these restrictions that are in place right now.

I find that simple to grasp. I feel sure you do too. Below the report, the Herald clearly thinks its staff are the kind of people capable of grasping it too:

Sustain? Some improvement is required before you can say that.

7 thoughts on “Not trusted nor intelligent enough to inform the public accurately”

  1. You can’t keep all the people happy all the time, or at all, ever, according to the Herod. Nicola Sturgeon’s statement about the new rules was very clear. The BritNat ‘media’ in Scotland cannot allow that, it would portray the FM and Scottish government as able, honest and competent, hell, even caring. We just can’t have that, there’s an election in a few months! Talking of which I have a (very badly designed) Tory promoting leaflet with Dross’s ugly mug sitting on the floor in the hallway, quarantining until I can send it back. It’s printed on the sort of paper usually used for junk mail, says something about ‘unite’ lol. No expense spared, cheaply produced pap. What a waste of someone’s money…

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  2. The hype generated by the media in the lead up to these revised restrictions has been disgraceful even by the Herald’s traditionally hostile standards, there will not be a single business in Scotland unsure how it will be affected, full stop.
    The “lack of clarity” portrayed by the media in concert is no coincidence, the behind the scenes orchestration for political propaganda purposes has never been clearer, made all the more scurrilous by the fact this is being conducted in the midst of a pandemic.
    The jackals were in full howling mode at the Covid Update, competing among themselves for the most theatrical, but the winner was clearly ITV’s Peter Smith He also appears to have ambitions for the “most obnoxious” award, fresh competition for the Sun’s Chris Musson.

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  3. Got the new Scottish comic hastily stuffed through my door yesterday. I did read it, and I will give you a summary of what it says to save you the time and effort of doing so yourself. Cover page, a huge pic of D.Ross and just in case you had forgotten a re run of the usual Tory slogan for “youse arny gonna get anither go at gettin’ awa”
    Inside pages show the fact that D.Ross has not even been elected leader of the Scottish branch office, so another cheeky wee photo op for the retired, soon to be Baroness Davison, you know the one, she who never actually was voted in as an MSP by her constituents but got in through the list system favoured by 90% of the non-SNP parties in Scotland.
    Then its the ” here are our promises to you” page. The bit where a party that has not been elected by the Scots since before I was born in 1962 spin a huge pile of BS telling us just how we are all going to be soooo much richer, healthier, wealthier and all have gold shitting unicorns in our 3 acre gardens if we just get rid of those nasty SNP chaps who are dragging Scotland down.
    The back page is basically a tinder profile for D.Ross.
    And there you have it, seemingly this paragon of virtue, this god of a man, has been tirelessly working towards leading us poor, impoverished vassels out from under the rocks and into the bright, sunny uplands of a new utopia, when he can spare time from being a linesman!

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  4. And the Question for £0.5 million pound is
    What word best describes a restaurant
    A) To go out and have a coffee
    B) To meet a friend for a drink
    C) Meet family for a pre theatre bevvy
    D) Socialise and partake of a full meal
    And alcoholic accompanment
    Answer D

    Now for the big one and a Million pound

    The QUESTION is a cafe a place
    A) You pop into for a wee bet on the horses and coffee
    B) To have a birthday party
    C) Gather after a funeral
    D) Pop in and have coffee and cake

    Answer D
    You have just become a millionaire

    Jeremy Clarkson in total shock asks the Millionaire
    How the hell did you know that


  5. Give our colonial media the bums rush.
    Dont buy newspapers,
    Dont read them.
    Treat them with the same contempt they treat us.


  6. At the beginning of this afternoon’s “Off the Ball” on BBC Radio Scotland, Stewart Cosgrove calls the so-called confusion about cafes and restaurants ‘petty disputes’ and points out that they reflect the agenda of Tom Gordon and the Herald who are ‘in the huff’ with Nicola Sturgeon. Worth listening for a laugh. It’s just after the news, about 7 minutes in:


  7. Your married a number of years ( doesn’t matter how many) you decide to take your good lady out for a slap up 3 course meal to celebrate and you take her to the greasy spoon on the high street

    Question one : Do you think you’re good lady would notice the difference
    Question two: Do you think 🤔 you will see another anniversary together
    Think a lot off the news rags think the public are stupid


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