Neither trusted nor quality

Less than five‘ will be ‘a multiple‘ of one but ‘Multiple deaths?’

In the Herald today, under the headline above, we read:

An outbreak of coronavirus cases has been confirmed at a major Scottish hospital. A ward at Western General Hospital in Edinburgh has been forced into lockdown after positive cases of Covid-19 were identified and a “very small number” of patients died after testing positive for the virus.

Reading on, we hear that though the actual number cannot be confirmed yet, it is ‘less than five.

We don’t find out, crucially, if the patients died because of the virus rather than just after having been tested positive for it. Remember the Glasgow hospital deaths after fungal infections?

The headline is ‘less than helpful‘ as NHS Scotland battles against both the virus and the panicked responses such inaccurate and cynical headlines can only promote.

Below the article we see:

We need the Herald’s support to sustain our trusted, quality health service?

4 thoughts on “Neither trusted nor quality”

  1. The tide of independence is rising—
    Rising above the heads of the Herod and Hootsmon— Torygraf and Daily Heil—Daily Supress and Tims of London—-Rothermere, Murdoch, Barclay bros et al——

    Glug, glug, glug………………………………………


  2. Interesting – still awaiting English data for today (Saturday 10th) at 8pm – and the UK gov site will be down for maintenance from 10pm tonight till 6am Sunday… What is there to hide?
    Or is it just utter, complete incompetence, again?


    1. 10th Oct.
      2256 hrs
      No data
      You ask incompetence or something to hide
      Becuause to hide you 1st must be incompetent
      Then that results in
      Having to hide
      Which increaeses incompentence
      Which results in even more incompetence
      All till you collapse and implode
      Truth is Truth
      And there is no hiding place whatsoever
      No matter how long it takes
      Re.such matters hide & seek is not a game
      It is reality
      And nothing else can possibly exist
      Other than in a form of temporary delusion



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