Common Weal ‘Visionary’ Robin McAlpine’s latest anti-SNP preaching is bizarre

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Once again, I was going to let this post, on a website with too few readers to mention, just go, but then I read some it. It’s frankly unbelievable.

After pretending that the wisdom of a Holocaust survivor has inspired his latest anti-SNP diatribe, he goes on to patronise any readers he has left and to make a number of patently false claims.

I won’t do them all, it’s not worth it, but these examples below give you a flavour, if a sour one:

As someone who doesn’t do social media, I have observed with bemusement as your Facebook feeds have mutually reinforced your opinions that the Scottish Government has done a decent job. I’ve watched the Scottish media back off its criticisms, seemingly afraid to run against the grain of opinion. Social media really is a danger to us all. Out here in reality, the statistics are damning and even a cursory glance at the timeline of events would put you straight quite quickly. Scotland is in lock-step with the UK in being one of the countries to be handling Covid least well. Day after day, the UK media is tearing strips off the Tory Government for the same things that are happening up here without comment. Both treated Covid as a hospital management problem, rather than an all-consuming crisis of public health, social wellbeing and economic security. Both were lax and shoddy on implementing control mechanisms like a proper testing system.

For better or worse, the political action takes place on Twitter. All the politicians, all the academic researchers, all the chiefs of police, all the NHS board executives, all the leading medics, all the trades unions, everything, appears there. If you don’t do social media, you’re about as relevant as a hermit up a column.

You’re observing us with bemusement? What a patronising, supercilious but unaware stance. O great one, tell us what to do!

Out here in reality? What reality? The one we’re constructing with each other, unavoidably using social media to democratise the process or the one you’ve put together, home alone?

The statistics are damning? Oh no, they’re not. The infection rate in England has been 35% higher and the death rate 45% higher. Care home deaths in England and Wales were much higher than in Scotland. After the first two months tied to the madness of the 4 Nations Approach, told what to do by their secret herd immunity gurus in SAGE, the Scottish Government’s strategy pushed levels of infection and deaths to a fraction of those in England. Today we benefit from that as we approach the winter from a much lower level than they would have left us with.

In lock-step with the UK? At every stage, stricter and more cautious and, critically, taking the people with them. Do you do opinion polls? You can follow them on social media. The Scottish Government has had the courage to diverge from the UK’s death march, under withering fire from the MSM.

The UK media, but not the BBC, has been tearing strips off the UK Government but you cannot seriously suggest they, especially their Scottish members, have been kind to the Scottish Government. The recent pile-on over hospitality, the regular demonising of the First Minister and the Health Secretary, the scaremongering over schools, the shifting of blame from care home owners and university bosses onto the Scottish Government…where have you been?

Right, there is more but I’ve got better things to do.

13 thoughts on “Common Weal ‘Visionary’ Robin McAlpine’s latest anti-SNP preaching is bizarre”

  1. Come on, we’re Scottish. If we are not at war with England, or some foreign foe, we are at war with each other. It’s our USP as Scots. Groundskeeper Willie was right: “Damn Scots, they ruined Scotland.”


    1. To be honest, I did think Mr McAlpine was something of a ‘visionary’ : he and his colleagues at Common Weal have produced some really interesting and valuable output. I have many of their published reports on my bookshelf – and they have been read and appreciated.

      But over recent months the polemical output has shifted from what I would describe as reasonable and reasoned holding of a government (or party of government) to account to instead, output which seems designed to bring about the demise of a party of government. And this is being done in the months before an election crucial not only to the governance of Scotland but to the very prospect of the country becoming an independent nation state.

      Candidly I don’t understand the logic – unless the writers have given up on independence for two or more periods of Holyrood government and are now engaged in partisan politics ‘as usual’, wishing to replace the SNP with…. what?

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  2. I read more of that article.
    “Yet Scotland is perfectly capable of getting the virus under control and making life liveable. Eradication is achievable; we only need to do two things. First, we need to identify outbreaks earlier (via randomised testing) and lock them down faster but much, much more locally (via a ‘traffic light’ system), so they impact on many fewer people.”
    Good. I’m glad we now have a way of eliminating the pandemic. Quick, tell the scientists and doctors.


  3. I have followed common weal , Mr Macalpine for a while , I too bought their books on Scotland’s future etc , I liked them , but I noticed that when the Scottish government didn’t take them up on their offer to plan what Scotland will do once it is independent it’s as if they took the huff and have since gone in the opposite direction .
    I get the impression that they were all for supporting Scottish independence writing books and plans selling merchandise etc etc but when the Scottish government didn’t employ them they decided to go against the Scottish government and against Nicola Sturgeon and against Scottish independence .
    Boy that Scottish independence vein didn’t run very deep did it ?

    I’m off his and common weal and Bella Caledonia and WOS they’re all counter productive full of their own importance
    And the thing is it’s Scottish independence that boosted their success

    They are the losers , time will show this to be the case


  4. I think that some people have very strong ideas about how they see an independent Scotland.
    However…….there is a small matter of how we get there in the first place.
    Scots by nature are pretty conservative and loath to change their attitudes unless there is a compelling
    reason to do so.
    Thanks to Westminster and in particular the current neo fascist regime running the show,Scots can see
    that we would probably make a better job of running things ourselves.
    This is not down to Commonweal or others who have presented perfectly good proposals but real politik which is based on what is possible within a democracy.

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  5. Squirrel and nuts. Even manages to turn off the young folk and the radicals. Bit like another commentator. No respect. Gone off the wire on a tangent.


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