English cross-border gangs cause spike in cost of rural crime but BBC Scotland dare not say the ‘E’ word


As with the spike in drug-related crime by ‘County Lines‘ gangs operating out of English cities, ‘terrorising rural and small town Scotland‘, so the spike in farm thefts is by English gangs is being concealed by BBC Scotland and the MSM.

The above BBC Scotland report makes no reference to the origins of the gangs responsible for a 44% spike in the theft of farm machinery.

Reporting Scotland are, of course, unable to suggest such a thing. That would be ‘anti-English’, racist even.

Only a few in the regional media identified the drug gangs as English and it is only, as far as I can see, the Dundee Courier identifying the farm gangs as such:

Police Scotland say organised crime gangs from England are often responsible for the theft of high value farm equipment across the UK.


Whether this omission of detail happens through self-censoring by the reporters or in the process of editing is not apparent but the purpose is clear. The Pro-independence movement is, for many in the media, worryingly strong and must not be fed.

The County Lines gangs reports are here:




6 thoughts on “English cross-border gangs cause spike in cost of rural crime but BBC Scotland dare not say the ‘E’ word”

  1. The divergence can only continue to grow
    And all as in the Titanic film
    When Mr.Andrews ( ships designer )
    Replied to the owner Mr Ismays question
    “Will this Ship Sink”
    Reply That is a Mathematical certainty
    So in case of virus deaths
    From 2.7.20 to 3.8.20
    Pro rata
    England on 2.7.20 + 57.6%
    3.8.20. + 67%
    I.E a 9.4 swing which translates to a 16.4 % Increase in divergence
    With regards this it would appear none in the MSM are aware of Mathematical certainties particularly so that given the vast and growing divergence in new infections SHALL lead to The death figs.
    Divergence growing more & more
    Such in this case are the collective STUPIDITY of the MSM
    please pass my wishes to them that they enjoy the music currently playing upon their deck

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  2. Get right into them. N.F.U Mutual I mean. A few years ago they wouldn’t even consider my application for insurance because I had a G ( Glasgow) postcode. Maybe they would have been safer insuring No Mean City.


  3. they don’t mention England on the ITV News when reporting the coronavirus disaster either, only the UK is used, funny that.


  4. Why on earth is The National publishing grouse moor owner’s ( i would say English with off-shore wealth) propaganda?
    Quite staggering to read in an Independent supporting newspaper.
    This is a week after a White-tailed Eagle was found poisoned on a grouse moor in the Cairngorms ‘National’ Park.

    The management of many of these criminal hot spots are co-incidentally the same and one in particular is English. He is claimed a huge success in the shooting media as he can increase the value of the land tenfold.

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  5. It’s the reverse of what was done to Andy Murray by the UK media- If he won he was British but if he lost he was Scottish.
    Applied to Corona figures, they’re UK statistics if bad and English good, if that ever happens!


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