Why is BBC Wales reporting terror of English county lines gangs in Scotland but BBC Scotland is not?

From BBC Wales yesterday:

Police forces across north Wales, Merseyside and Scotland have launched a series of dawn raids targeting “county lines” drugs gangs. Searches were carried out at 24 properties at 07:15 BST in Flintshire, Conwy, and Anglesey in north Wales, and in Liverpool and Scotland. North Wales Police said more than 300 officers from three forces have taken part in the operation.


Police Scotland reported the problem as early as January 2019:

The charity Crime-stoppers is today 14th January 2019 launching a campaign to highlight the pain and suffering that criminals from English cities are inflicting on vulnerable people in Scotland’s rural and coastal towns. The campaign aims to raise awareness of County Lines, which is when criminals from major cities such as Liverpool, Manchester, London and Birmingham are expanding their drug networks to other areas, bringing with it serious criminal behaviour such as violence, exploitation and abuse. The term County Lines refers to the use of a single telephone number to order drugs, operated from outside the local area. This is having a massive impact on rural communities and also on vulnerable children and adults who are being recruited in cities such as Manchester and Liverpool.


Only the Sunday Post reported this at the time though the Times newspaper had a story of arrests in the previous October:

So, a Police Scotland announcement and clearly some media aware of it. Why have BBC Scotland not considered it in the public interest when it sounds eminently so? Are they worried it would seem anti-English?

4 thoughts on “Why is BBC Wales reporting terror of English county lines gangs in Scotland but BBC Scotland is not?”

  1. Not reported because the ‘official’ position ie MSM and opp politicians, to be followed at all times is that Police Scotland, an SG construct, is not working.


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