As English drug gangs bring misery to Scotland read all about it on BBC England

You wouldn’t know about it from BBC Scotland, but ‘County Lines’ gangs, based in English cities, have been bringing violence and drug-deaths to Scottish towns for some time now. BBC Scotland and the rest of our MSM seem uncomfortable with this story. I suppose it doesn’t fit well with the Better Together message.

BBC England will tell you what’s happening in Tayside though:

Full story here:

More here:

Is BBC Scotland’s Disclosure team afraid to expose English ‘County Lines’ drug gangs targeting children despite a government report, two warnings from police and one from a youth charity?

Why are Scottish media not reporting on ENGLISH gangs terrorising Scotland’s rural communities?

Why is BBC Wales reporting terror of English county lines gangs in Scotland but BBC Scotland is not?

4 thoughts on “As English drug gangs bring misery to Scotland read all about it on BBC England”

  1. You can bet there are a lot more things that do not get reported in Scotland.
    We are at war with England , it’s only propoganda and politics at present but that is how all civil war and full on wars start.

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  2. Um the story is on the Tayside section of BBC Scotland. Though you have to click the ‘others’ link to find Tayside from the BBC Scotland front page.

    But it just really shows that the local parochialism which Scots do so well is alive and well at the Beeb.

    I come from a small town in Ayrshire and a friend who is still there told us about overhearing two local women talking a third. The first called her a local girl and the second corrected her: :she came from D 40 years ago’ D being the next wee town on the road to the big smoke. I left when we emigrated when I was six so I never got properly inculcated.


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