Scottish Unionists rage at latest Celtic Connections as Jeane Freeman leverages Irish software

Douglas Ross connects with Celtic fans: Image SNS Group

In ZDNet yesterday:

Scotland is working on its own contact-tracing app, which is expected to be available to download in the Apple and Google app stores in the autumn. NHS England is yet to provide a specific timeline for the launch of its contact-tracing technology, after the organization had to scrap the original designs for the app due to technical difficulties.  Scottish health secretary Jeane Freeman said that the new tool will complement the existing manual contact-tracing program in place as part of NHS Scotland’s Test and Protect system. “It builds on existing person-to-person contact tracing which remains the most robust method of contacting those who have been in close contact with someone who has tested positive,” she said. The country’s health services confirmed that the app will leverage the software used for Northern Ireland’s technology, and which is also the backbone of the Republic of Ireland’s Covid Tracker app.

Leveraging software that works seems like a no-brainer but Murdo Fraser and Douglas Ross are reputedly hopping about this ‘Anti-English‘ move by the SNP. Fraser will demand that the Scottish app is fully tested for his Orange phone!

5 thoughts on “Scottish Unionists rage at latest Celtic Connections as Jeane Freeman leverages Irish software”

  1. Please inform Murdo & that upstart of a opportunist Ross of this
    John Collins and upon release from Kilmainam jail after the 1917 Easter Rebellion at The GPO Dublin turned to
    His adjutant with these words
    That is it. We no longer fight the Brits they way they want to
    From now on
    I want to know everything about them and that includes those who work for them
    Then we shall take them on
    When,Where & How we want and none of their choosing
    Inadvertently at a master stroke he had just deployed the 4 Cardinal rules of conflict to ensure you WIN
    And in this case The inferior Celts defeated the Worlds greatest empire
    So much so that General Giap of vietnam
    Copied the Celtic model in defeating the French then the Might of America
    Know thy foes
    And in this case our foes fail to know theirs
    Stupid Stupid little boys Murdo & Ros are they not
    Bring on Holyrood 2021

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    1. The Easter Rising was 1916 and it was Michael, not John Collins. I don’t think Michael Collins was ever held in Kilmainham.
      This is one of my favourite quotes from Michael Collins: “Give us the future..we’ve had enough of your past..give us back our country to live in—to grow love.”

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  2. As far as I know,part of the “technical difficulties” suffered by the English app was the relatively low number of people who subscribed to it.
    Not trusting the government in Westminster and their friends in the private sector with their data probably had a lot to do with it.
    Faith in your government during a crisis is paramount and having someone like Johnson in charge will not engender that trust.
    The dishonesty at the heart of the present Westminster administration will cost the people of England dear.

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  3. This article is horrendous! Ross and Fraser did not say anything of the sort and what exactly is the.point of the Celtic image? It may surprise you to know there is a huge amount of Rangers fans that support Indy and articles like this do nothing but divide!


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