Trusted by 84% but accused by two men trusted by only 8% and 6% and reported by a distrusted state broadcaster

Who said dithering? Oooh, I wonder could be that Jackson Carlaw, trusted by only 8% of Scots while the FM has 84% approval ratings?

You can smell BBC Scotland’s agenda. Choosing to headline the Tory leader’s theatrical outburst rather than any facts and, to the right, ‘racist thugs.’ Really, speech marks? They were chanting racist abuse at asylum seekers from other countries. What more evidence do you need?

Remember the BBC has a charter requiring it to inform us, so how widespread is this view that the FM is dithering?

Under pressure me? From Jackson? I think not. Image: PA

Is there evidence we could look at, BBC Scotland? No? OK, let’s see what we can find. How about this from May 20th?

Sample 13 000

Or this from Opinium on May 20th with the FM at 61% and miles ahead across the whole UK population?

As for the accusers, how trusted are they and how do their own supporters think of the FM?

For Opinium on 28th-29th May, with 169 adult Scots (18+), 64% overall and 67% of Labour voters, trust the information on coronavirus provided by Nicola Sturgeon. 39% of Conservative voters also trust her despite Jackson Carlaw’s repeated claims that she has lost the confidence of the public.

Readers may remember the YouGov poll in January in which only 8% trusted Carlaw, just ahead of Richard Leonard on 6%!

Finally, how trusted is BBC Scotland to report on this?

A Survation poll with data collected on 16-23 April, overall, suggested 51% of Brits trust the BBC ‘to provide you with information about covid-19.’ With trust for the Scottish Government at 70%, social media was alive with gleeful commentary on the gap but it’s far better than that, when you see the regional breakdown.

It’s better because we can reasonably link the responses to the dominant, big audience news broadcasts – Reporting Scotland and Good Morning Scotland – and because ‘Low Trust’ was at these levels:

  • London 14.8%
  • South 18.4%
  • Midlands 21.8%
  • North 21.5%
  • Wales 15.2%
  • N Ireland 11.5%
  • Scotland 38%

Only 8 out 143 Scots asked ‘completely trusted’ BBC.

10 thoughts on “Trusted by 84% but accused by two men trusted by only 8% and 6% and reported by a distrusted state broadcaster”

  1. They are “Only obeying orders” at the BBC (even protecting fascism is OK if it is BritNat Fascism!)

    They are apparently unaware that this defence was found to be no longer enough to escape punishment at Nuremberg.

    Click to access 57964_CM_9365_Charter_Accessible.pdf

    Royal Charter for the continuance of the British Broadcasting Corporation.

    6. The Public Purposes

    (4) “…….. help contribute to the SOCIAL COHESION and WELLBEING of the United Kingdom.”

    my Caps!

    Think The Pentagon may have had the BBC vs Scottish Self Determination in mind when it tried to have Journalists covered as “unprivileged belligerents” in its warfare manual in 2015.

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  2. Alert. Alert. BBC 1 announce there shortly will be an interview with a Scottish public health expert in Grampian. It must be Pennington. What crap. Where is Devi?

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    1. Or Prof Bauld also from Edinburgh University. She was interviewed on the 6 o’clock news about the 2 metre distance. She said, and I paraphrase, 100 people in a room at 1 metre distance then 13 catch the infection. At 2 metres 3 catch it.
      Strangely I don’t think the interview made it on to Reporting Scotland.

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  3. There’s been a major backlash against the BBC’s campainging against The Scot Gov’s handling of re openning Schools.
    The backlash started last night with the Broadcaster reading pro Scot Gov. texts. And continued this morning with more texts standing up for the SG’s “blended Learning” proposals. A planned retreat, appearing to be evenhanded.

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  4. Israel opened up the economy too early. Bad for children. From the Jerusalem Post.

    ““We see a direct correlation between the opening of the economy and the rise in morbidity,” Prof. Sigal Sadetsky said Tuesday at the Knesset. “There are significant increases in the number of cases found throughout the country, with an emphasis on children.”

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  5. The WHO guidance on leaving the lockdown is that steps should be in place to prevent the importation of covid from other places. That needs to be understood widely in Scotland and accepted.

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