SNP Government measures, communication and trust keep infection levels lowest in UK

The ONS estimates for week-ending 29 January, issued today, suggest that the % of the population that had Covid-19, was:

Northern Ireland: 7.43

England: 4.83

Wales: 4.57

Scotland: 3.52

This is, of course, not news for BBC Scotland. On this basis the infection level in no-FM Northern Ireland is more than twice that in Scotland and, in Johnsonland, more than 30% higher.

On the claim of trust, leading of course, to greater compliance, see:

4 thoughts on “SNP Government measures, communication and trust keep infection levels lowest in UK

  1. The BBC, English government controlled, control the narrative, they make things up, they lie, they mislead even if it means lives might be lost, they are a biased anti SNP anti Scottish democracy propaganda unit. It’s really sinister, and all we can do is counter their anti democratic, anti Scottish bias by sharing articles and supporting blogs and sites and channels that are not state controlled propaganda units. Scotland is in great peril, the UK is a mess, and more people in Scotland see that now.

    Thanks for the articles and I have to remember to share on twitter as well, though never sure that is not being tampered with by the dangerously powerful English state.

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