Despite it all, Labour support falls

In the last 10 opinion polls, Labour’s average lead has been 7.2%. In the previous 10, it was 9.9%. That’s a big difference and I appreciate several factors will be involved but, overall, it’s a depressing picture for those praying for a Labour win in a subsequent UK election.

Consider what Johnson has done and this is all Labour can do?

I’ve read somewhere, that while the Scottish independence movement has benefited from Johnson, the returns are now diminishing and Tory voters in particular have made some kind of moral accommodation with him. They’re down but stable at more than 30%, in the UK, easily in striking distance with a new leader.

Even in Scotland, the Conservatives have fallen to 19% but the combined Unionist vote is stable above 40%.

We need to stick with the positive messaging.

7 thoughts on “Despite it all, Labour support falls

  1. Not surprised at the general apathy the general public has for Labour. Starmer unlike some of his more esteemed opposition colleagues shows little or no passion and despite this loathsome and inept PM fairs poorly in Westminster exchanges. What must astonish most decent minded people however is the apparent acceptance by the English electorate of the many misdeeds of the Tories and not just Partygate. To my mind it shows how far English society has degenerated that on this evidence at least there is little prospect we shall see any major shift in UK politics in the near future. I’m just wondering what it will take for that to change and how long it will be for concerted efforts coming from UK Labour targeted at Scots to abandon thoughts of Indy to save them from this fate.

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    1. They will try to trick people in Scotland yes, as they did for a very long time, while working against the best interests of the people of Scotland, and of course the usual myth that Scotland, by not voting Labour, wrecks the chances of a Labour win, thereby ‘letting the Tories in’, will be repeated. A myth, but very convenient, and of course it’s what Labour voters in England believe, a convenient distraction from a deficit of choice, by not having an effective, actual decent, social democratic opposition to vote for. Blame the Scots, rather than ask why. The elite English establishment have the political system in England all stitched up, it is far from being a democracy and that’s extremely dangerous for Scotland right now.

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  2. Get rid of Labour. Take the fight to the Tories. Independence. Another IndyRef on the horizon that must be won. To make the world a better place. Without Westminster total corruption. Mismanagement, misappropriation, cheating liars. Now bailing out the stinking, sinking ship. Leaving people in poverty and dying. The disgusting Downing Street cabel. Lie after lie after lie. Liars always get found out.

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  3. Interesting to hear Anas Sarwar chiding the FM at FMQT today

    for not getting SNP MPs to back Labour’s one-off windfall tax on the energy companies, when he knows the best deal for Scotland would be to gain the powers to set up a majority-share, publicly owned, oil and gas company along similar lines to Norway’s Equinor (formerly Statoil)

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  4. Large parts of northern England, (like Scotland, previously) had put their trust in Labour over decades. Then they got Blair/Blair/Brown governments and realised they were no better off than under the Tories.
    The Tories then scapegoated the EU, the population fell for it and Labour lost the trust of many of their own supporters (like Scotland).
    Under the wooden Sir Keir, their support will remain fragile and the Tories will dump Boris, get a “clean skin” into place, and cement their place as the “party of government” in England.
    Scotland MUST escape this.

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