For the second time in a week racist thugs have attacked peaceful protesters in George Square. Allegedly, the National Defence League, the rioters, have been heard to sing Rule Britannia, clearly stating their identity as British Nationalists.

One group shouted illegal racist comments and attacked both peaceful protesters and the police, leading to arrests, while the other group, Glasgow No Evictions, was forced to abandon its protest and was led away by the police. There are no reports of arrests among this group.

BBC Scotland had this to say:

Anti-riot police have separated rival groups of demonstrators in Glasgow city centre. National Defence League supporters gathered from 17:00 in George Square. They said they wanted to “make a stand” and “protect the Cenotaph”. Shortly afterwards activists from Glasgow No Evictions arrived for their planned demonstration, chanting “refugees are welcome here”. The group from Glasgow No Evictions were then guided away by police.

There’s no account of the arrests or of the behaviour leading to them, only the Justice Minister mentioning them in a quote.

Why was the unplanned and violent demonstration not broken up and dispersed if the other group had permission and was behaving in a legal manner?

We’ve seen this before, in September 2014:

How BBC Scotland covered it then: