Or ‘We trusted the private care home owners to do what they they were paid to do?’

Here’s the key comment, from the Health Secretary today:

One of those assumptions being the level of infection, prevention and control measures in residential settings across adult and social care which should flow from the national infection, prevention and control manual – but as we appreciated quickly, needed sufficient additional support to ensure that they were in place.

Care homes have been dealing with infection control based on isolation of those infected or suspected of infection, for decades. There are flu outbreaks in care homes most years. It was a reasonable expectation that they would know what to do.

The early evidence is of care home managers, perhaps under pressure from owners, failing to implement infection control properly and under-stocking PPE. Pressure from owners to cut costs has resulted in minimal and often untrained staffing in many homes but most importantly, the reliance on agency staff to fill gaps has almost certainly been the cause of the spread.

The accusations from the opposition parties will not stick.

7 thoughts on “Or ‘We trusted the private care home owners to do what they they were paid to do?’”

  1. Labour and the General Secretary of the GMB, in particular, have behaved disgracefully. They are actively colluding in the protection of care home OWNERS, for narrow, petty political purposes, based on a hatred of the SNP for destroying the sense of entitlement to which Labour had grown accustomed. Voters are not daft and saw through this in 2007 and have continued to do so, in increasing numbers until the present day.

    The dwindling support is now less than 20% and more than a third of that favour independence.

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  2. O/T

    Can things get even more bizarre? What are the editors of Reporting Scotland thinking – what is their motivation?

    How is it in the public interest – how is it relevant to ‘informing’ or ‘educating’ the general public (well maybe it’s ‘entertaining’!) – to select an Edinburgh private ‘prep school’ to illustrate arrangements being made to re-open schools?

    Cargilfield Prep School has just 300 pupils – boarding and day pupils, and spread over ages 3 to 13 years. According to information dated July 2019, its upper school day fee is £5,540 PER TERM.

    How very useful, very relevant as an illustration of what ‘good’ is being done for young people in education in Scotland. Yes? Was that the motivation? Aye right!

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    1. For the same reason they used a spokesperson from Aberdeen Council in the same programme to voice their concerns. All done with one motive… SNP Baaaad. They have long since and unashamedly abandoned any pretence of balanced reporting.


    2. Because that, probably, is where the editor or reporter sends her/his weans, although she/he would not use such a vulgar word.


    3. Ah but such are comparisons of the gold standard
      But only when used for propaganda
      All as practised by Despots,Dictators,Pariah States and those entering their death throes of perceived former glories
      All akin to the spoilt wee bairn spitting its dummy oot cause it has sucked it till nothing left
      And not much longer will it have any more to suck on such as Scottish Natural Assests


  3. Just think how much PPE could have been bought or training carried out if the Care Homes owners hadn’t donated £80 grand to Carlaw and Murray’s campaign’s.

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