Another massive windfarm means Scotland can soon power 4.5 million of its 2.25 million homes

Image SSE

In Energy Voice today:

Plans for a mammoth onshore wind farm have moved a step closer to becoming a reality after receiving £580million backing. SSE Renewables announced its final investment in the 103-turbine Viking Onshore Wind Farm yesterday. As the lockdown measures are eased, the number of workers offshore will steadily increase. Scheduled for completion in 2024, the 443 megawatt (MW) project will be the UK’s largest onshore wind farm in terms of electricity output. It is understood the development, which will cover 17,396 acres across Shetland’s central mainland, could create around 400 jobs at peak construction, with a further 35 full-time local jobs throughout its life.

In 2019, Scotland’s wind-power alone generated enough electricity to power 4.47 million homes. That was nearly twice the number of homes in Scotland.

The new wind-farm will be able to power a further 443 homes and so with any others not noted here, but which came on-stream since 2019, powering two Scotlands fully, must be feasible soon.

6 thoughts on “Another massive windfarm means Scotland can soon power 4.5 million of its 2.25 million homes”

  1. Also…,on%20Eaglesham%20Moor%2C%20near%20Glasgow.

    “A huge “super battery” will be built on the site of the UK’s largest wind farm, after plans were approved by the Scottish government.

    It will store power generated by the 215 turbines at Whitelee wind farm on Eaglesham Moor, near Glasgow.

    Scottish Power, which operates the wind farm, said the battery storage site would be the size of half a football pitch.

    Its planned capacity will make it largest wind farm battery in the UK.”

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  2. We really need to start a Scottish National Grid, because the current “National” Grid pricing means this electricity will cost more in Shetland than on the Isle of Dogs (Well,Canary Wharf and the financial centres are ‘important’ They produce the wealth which ‘trickles down’. Don’tthey?????)

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    1. Good point and on the same theme what happened to the planned ‘national energy’ Co that was to be a non-profit to supply affordable energy in Scotland. Anyone?


  3. While I welcome an increase in renewable power which will decrease our reliance on fossil fuels, I do wonder about the environmental and community impact.
    I understand there were protests against the scale of this windfarm from local communities and hope that their concerns were addressed. There was also a suggestion that the damage to peat in the windfarm area would negate, at least part, the advantages of ‘clean energy’. There might be danger to birds too, caused by such massive turbines , so the advantages of this development are not as simple as first appears.


    1. Oh please….get a grip of yourself.

      *(reads Scottish good news story)* “must rubbish it, but try not be obvious about it…”🙄🙄


  4. all the green energy production here is no great benefit to Scotland , all the revenues will be raked in by the Westminster Treasury.

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