Scotland’s media failing to disclose background biases

The above two, yesterday and today, a Tory and a Labour politician masquerading as ‘worried parents’ on BBC Scotland, to attack the SNP Government, are not unusual.

Just based on recent cases exposed here, we’ve seen:

The only GP unable to access PPE turns out to be an in-law of Labour’s Anas Sarwar.

UKIP candidate, Billy Mitchell, appears three times as an audience member on Question Time in Scotland and shouts at the SNP panellists.

Regularly appearing in the Herald and/or Scotsman, with no mention of their political affiliation, attacking the SNP Government:

Brian Monteith, Brexit MEP and former Con MSP.

John McLelland, Con councillor and former adviser.

Gina Davidson, Labour adviser.

Brian Wilson, Labour minister.

Dr Stuart Waiton, Brexit candidate.

Hugh Pennington, Scotland Matters.

9 thoughts on “Scotland’s media failing to disclose background biases”

  1. And they all posses the crass stupidity to put their names upon their propaganda
    Well hell mend their employment prospects upon Independence
    We shall not forget nor forgive them

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  2. On the subject of BBC subterfuge .. . BBC Radio 2. 4pm news bulletin, Nicola Sturgeon says schools to go back to full time education in August. They then played a soundbite of the FM who said no such thing.
    I haven’t heard this intent mentioned on BBC radio in Scotland.


    1. Oh yes she knows all right but hasn’t worked out yet how to continue the deception without being found out.


  3. The lies of the opposition in Scotland are becoming more blatant and more desperate all the time.

    The STV news at teatime led with education: they interviewed 4 parents and John Swinney, and all stressed the importance of protecting children and teachers in the return to school. Then we switched to Holyrood where Jackson Carlaw was telling parliament and the nation that ‘parents are livid’ that their children are not going back into education.

    On Monday Richard Leonard claimed in the Herald that the Scottish Government should be investigated for infringing the human rights of care home residents.

    And we have no outlet on mainstream media to refute these lies.

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    1. I agree but what frustrates me is why NS and others are so defensive in Holyrood and in the media. They must realise politically the gloves came off ages ago and they need to go on the offensive more. I do sometimes miss Alex.

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  4. Breaking news
    Head of ABC (A=Absurdistan) Is to be awarded Iron Cross 1st class with Oak leaves
    For services to propaganda and excelling in applying the Dictum of Dr.J.Goebbels
    Above & Beyond the call of duty
    Hail Hail Hail Boris the last Emperor of Scotland


  5. It isn’t just BBC Scotland which should make the biases of its staff and contributors clear. It should also apply to the Times which now employs John Boothman. Details of Mr Boothman’s interesting past career and departure from the BBC, prior to working for the Times, is well known. However, when I pointed the details out in a posting, on a somewhat contentious piece Mr Boothman had produced for the Times, my posting was quickly removed.


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