The above two, yesterday and today, a Tory and a Labour politician masquerading as ‘worried parents’ on BBC Scotland, to attack the SNP Government, are not unusual.

Just based on recent cases exposed here, we’ve seen:

The only GP unable to access PPE turns out to be an in-law of Labour’s Anas Sarwar.

UKIP candidate, Billy Mitchell, appears three times as an audience member on Question Time in Scotland and shouts at the SNP panellists.

Regularly appearing in the Herald and/or Scotsman, with no mention of their political affiliation, attacking the SNP Government:

Brian Monteith, Brexit MEP and former Con MSP.

John McLelland, Con councillor and former adviser.

Gina Davidson, Labour adviser.

Brian Wilson, Labour minister.

Dr Stuart Waiton, Brexit candidate.

Hugh Pennington, Scotland Matters.