Finance secretary finds £78 million for construction but BBC Business not attracted to that optimistic tone

In Project Scotland today:

THE Scottish construction industry is to receive £78 million as part of the Scottish Government’s £230 million Return to Work package, with the aim of stimulating the economy. This includes £40 million for regeneration projects and £20 million for roads maintenance. The Scottish Government revealed the package is funded by the ‘reallocation of underspends’ from schemes interrupted by the Covid-19 crisis. Finance secretary Kate Forbes said, “The impact of Covid-19 has been enormous on both businesses and individuals and the Scottish Government has so far spent more than £4 billion tackling its effects. We are also taking steps to accelerate our economic recovery and this package ensures that we can make immediate use of money which, because of the pandemic, might otherwise not have been spent this year.

5 thoughts on “Finance secretary finds £78 million for construction but BBC Business not attracted to that optimistic tone”

  1. Keep going after the anti-Scottish bbc. They must not be allowed to get away with it. Why the SNP/SG doesn’t go after the bbc in the same way as yourself is depressing. Were they to they would get even more support from the Scottish public.

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    1. Today i rcvd notification to renew the ABC licence fee
      I wiped my arse with it
      Then cancelled the Bank s/o
      If enough of us followed my fine example
      Then that would give them food for thought
      In my younger days i would have returned it to sender after the renewable notification had duly served the only possible purpose it is fit for now

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  2. I think it has become clear over the past week – maybe, longer – that every political, economic or social matter that is reported is baaad and anything hinting at good, will be ignored. The morning Star Scottish editor appears to be operating from the same script as Mr Leotard gets given by the unionist mafia.

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