Hospital building faults ‘did not CAUSE deaths’

In Scotland, in the last two years, hospitals have become hot-beds of infection and these infections have been linked to patient deaths. Though none have been shown to have been killed by the infections, the stories are told in melodramatic, simplistic terms implying that they were.

You can tell that this is fake news because they were telling no such stories in such a frenzy, before, when infection rates were objectively higher, and because the English media are not telling the same story despite evidence of even greater problems, revealed in inspections there.

What is different here, is that the Great Scottish Hospital Health Crisis is driven by a political agenda and not just by the desire to attract an audience.

3 thoughts on “Hospital building faults ‘did not CAUSE deaths’”

  1. This is a common but probably, wilful, misconception, of confusing ‘risk’ with certainty. A risk assessment is undertaken in order to identify where accidents MIGHT happen and to direct attention on these and for people to pause and consider how the chances of occurrence might be reduced. However, in most cases it is a trigger for people to be alert. Often, the potential causes of hazard cannot actually be eliminated, sometimes, because systems, by their nature, are inter-connected and changing one can have adverse impacts on other parts. In the QEUH the report was pointing out that this was what was happening with the heating and ventilation aspects with some health parts. Over time, partial solutions might be found, but, what the report is saying is that we have to decide on the appropriate balance.

    It is in the nature of pigeons that they shit and can fly and behave in species-preserving pigeonly ways. BBC Scotland ‘journalists’ CHOOSE to write shit, because it is the way they behave to advance their role of spreading fear and uncertainty.

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  2. On the subject of the QUEH there is also a lulu of a letter in today’s Herald by Gavin Tait retired consultant. To say it is OTT would be an understatement.

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