Unemployment: Scotland has one of lowest claimant count increases in UK

What is the claimant count?

The Claimant Count is a measure of the number of people claiming benefits principally for the reason of being unemployed, based on administrative data from the benefits system.

Why then, on 19th May did BBC Scotland claim:

Coronavirus impact: Huge rise in Scots claiming unemployment benefit





3 thoughts on “Unemployment: Scotland has one of lowest claimant count increases in UK”

  1. In answer to your question – and I suspect you know the answer anyway – is that BBC Scotland wants to take every opportunity to present ‘Scotland baaaad’, that it mines data to find ones that suit their prime purpose, when presented without context. Last night, every piece on Reporting Scotland had some aspect which presented Scotland as ‘worst’. For example, this morning on Good Morning Scotland, we were told that the trend in improvements to drinking levels had ‘stalled’ and that by the illustrative data chosen, Scotland was ‘worst’. There was a class attack, too, informing us that the feckless poor were drinking more than those who could actually afford to, and were, drinking more.

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  2. This from the ONS


    “The Claimant Count statistics presented in this bulletin relate to 9 April 2020. Enhancements to Universal Credit as part of the UK government’s response to COVID-19 mean that an increasing number of people became eligible for unemployment-related benefit support, although still employed. Consequently changes in the Claimant Count will not be due wholly to changes in the number of people who are unemployed. We are not able to identify to what extent people who are employed or unemployed have affected the numbers.”

    BBC reporters are illiterate, possibly, lazy, certainly, stupid, certainly, impartial…hahaha…

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