Less than 1 in 10 Scots trust Jackson Carlaw: Latest YouGov full poll puts Yes ahead and Better Together leaders in the bin [CORRECTED]

A poll of 1039 adults (16+) with data collected on 22nd to 27th January 2020 puts Yes at 51% and No at 41% after don’t knows, refused and non-voters are removed.

Interesting details within the results:

  • EU Remainers 56 to 44 in favour
  • Women 52 to 48 in favour
  • 18-24-year-olds 62 to 38 in favour
  • 25-49-year-olds 67-33 in favour
  • 50-64-year-olds 54 to 46 against
  • 65+ 75 to 25 against
  • No data for 16/17-year-olds though surveyed?
  • Swing voters 51 to 49 in favour

Support for Indyref2 was weak with only in ‘the next 5 years’ attracting majority support.

Keeping the pound in the long-term was by far the most popular choice for currency after independence.

Perhaps revealing the power of media bias, a small majority thought Scotland would be worse off after independence.

On the matter of trust in politicians’ statements about Scotland’s future, only Nicola Sturgeon was in any way trusted with 46% for and against her, improved from 52 to 41 against her in 2014. For the others, it was all bad news:

Trust               Do not trust

Gordon Brown             28                    53

Ruth Davidson             31                    49  

Alistair Darling,           16                    48

Jackson Carlaw            8                    37

Richard Leonard          6                    38

Willie Rennie               18                    39

Boris Johnson              18                    71

Jeremy Corbyn            14                    73

Click to access Internal_ScotIndependence_200129.pdf

13 thoughts on “Less than 1 in 10 Scots trust Jackson Carlaw: Latest YouGov full poll puts Yes ahead and Better Together leaders in the bin [CORRECTED]

  1. Is it any wonder that so few trust Carlaw when he slags off his opponent like this.

    Jackson Carlaw accuses Scottish Tory leadership opponent of lacking ideas and support.
    From the Telegraph

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    1. Swivel-eyes Michelle V Jaikie (used car salesman) Carlot. Whats not to like?
      Two entitled dumplings arguing about “blue-collar” support when they would not recognise a worker if they tripped over one. And not a single costed policy between them.

      (Wonder if the paintings which “disappeared” from Jaikies workplace have ever been found?)


  2. The most popular Toadie is Ruthie Von Buffalogirl on -18, who just pips Gordo Broon on -25.

    She is quitting for the Big Bucks in London, greasy-palmed by some rich Toadie “Uncle” figure—says it all, really!

    Jaikie, Wee Wullie and Lenny are “unknown in this parish”. No wonder they are petrified of the Scots having a say!


    1. Can’ get out of my mind the memory of the famous TV debate between Richard Nixon and John F Kennedy (yes, I am very old 😦 ) where the un-made-up Nixon had the famous ‘five o’clock shadow which made him look really sinister. The press then had a ball with his photograph over the headline question “WOULD YOU BUY A USED CAR FROM THIS MAN?”


  3. For any passing reader whose memory is not as elephantine as Gavin’s the ever reliable Calton Jock carries the story of Jacko’s infamous art attack. Link and snippet below:


    10 Oct 2003: Mystery of lost paintings at collapsed firm. Carlaw was director of car hire company.

    A collapsed company headed by Jackson Carlaw the Scottish Conservative party executive member and failed MSP candidate in Eastwood is at the centre of a mystery surrounding 22 missing works of art. The firm’s private records reveal ownership of 50 pieces as investments, including paintings – but only 28 have been recovered, according to Ernst and Young, the administrator.

    Latest available accounts to December 2000 disclose under the heading Investments: “Paintings, at a cost of £69,028, were acquired by the company during the year from Wylies Ltd, a subsidiary company.” Descriptions of the works have not been released, but are believed to include 10 still life paintings; five cameo pieces with maritime themes; three Glasgow and Edinburgh tenement scenes; three maritime sculptures on driftwood, and a painting of a naked woman. (The Herald) –

    EH? – bare, naked lady? – Oh Jackson – you cheeky, cheeky, boy you!! (The genesis of the famed Operation Erse, perchance?)

    Can’t help but wonder if Jackson’s previously unuttered art-loving proclivities impelled him to politically sacrifice himself in the tory cause in Pollok back in ’83 – At last he could identify himself as Jackson (of) Pollok, artist of this parish. And there was us always assuming he was but an artiste of the Lillian Gish variety.

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    1. Ludo——I bow to your wordy dexterity, your lugubrious verbosity on the page: indeed I would regard you as the Maradona of dribbling, mesmering wordplay, but—-elephantine? Really—sylph-like little me?

      Alas, it’s true. I no longer resemble the Adonis-like figure of my youth—but then I never ACTUALLY did.

      So, thanks Ludo, for filling in the blanks on the missing “artworks”. I suspect they were “offered” at the Barra’s many years ago, and May, just maybe, be discovered in Paris, above some auld biddies stove, like all the rest of the lost Old Masters. And wont be found with dodgy mismatched paint jobs, like some of Jacko’s clunkers.


  4. Call me naïve if you like (although my name’s actually Ludo – boom, boom!) – but I can’t help feeling that Emily Thornberry has tried to offer a genuine apology for her (rather dreadful) comments about her ‘hate’ for those Scots who uphold the principle of National Self-Determination. I rather hope she does attend the London Branch SNP Burns’ Supper with Stewart McDonald as per invite (as long as she buys a good few raffle tickets) – Link and snippets below:


    Labour leadership candidate Emily Thornberry has apologised to SNP MPs after saying she “hated” the party.

    Ms Thornberry said “I hate the SNP” while attacking the Scottish government’s record on education and health at a leadership hustings event.

    First Minister Nicola Sturgeon criticised her language, saying “hate is not a good emotion in politics”.

    The shadow foreign secretary has now apologised, saying “there is no place for hatred in our politics”.

    SNP MP Stewart McDonald thanked her for the “most sincere apology” and invited her to the London SNP Burns supper.

    During an urgent question on the Middle East in the Commons, Ms Thornberry asked to “take a brief moment to apologise to colleagues on the SNP benches for the language I used in the heat of hustings last week”.

    She said: “When we are debating the Middle East, it is a salutary reminder to me both that there is no place for hatred in our politics, and that on almost every foreign policy issue including this one, we have opposed the Tory government together and I’m sorry for what I said.”

    For what it’s worth I don’t particularly have a view on who is best choice for the Ukanian branch manager role across at Labour. The most interesting one looked to be Clive Lewis but he didn’t even get to first base. Of those left I suspect Emily T would give Johnson the hardest time in Westminster itself. No idea how she would play among the voters of England though? – She strikes me as having a warm personality and I was really quite shocked and perturbed when I read of her outburst – So, fair’s fair Emily – well done for owning up that a mistake was made. (Wee thought though – mibbes don’t take too much advice fae Danielle Rowley from now on in).

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    1. Thornberry just repeating what Nicola said when asked what she thought of Thornberry’s outburst , she said there should be no need for hate in politics, she shamed Thornberry into making a statement . I watched that video and she meant what she said , so much she repeated it , so I will call you naive instead of Ludo this time round 😄

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