Did she mean the BNP?

Ludo Thierry

Call me naïve if you like (although my name’s actually Ludo – boom, boom!) – but I can’t help feeling that Emily Thornberry has tried to offer a genuine apology for her (rather dreadful) comments about her ‘hate’ for those Scots who uphold the principle of National Self-Determination. I rather hope she does attend the London Branch SNP Burns’ Supper with Stewart McDonald as per invite (as long as she buys a good few raffle tickets) – Link and snippets below:


Labour leadership candidate Emily Thornberry has apologised to SNP MPs after saying she “hated” the party.

Ms Thornberry said “I hate the SNP” while attacking the Scottish government’s record on education and health at a leadership hustings event.

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon criticised her language, saying “hate is not a good emotion in politics”.

The shadow foreign secretary has now apologised, saying “there is no place for hatred in our politics”.

SNP MP Stewart McDonald thanked her for the “most sincere apology” and invited her to the London SNP Burns supper.

During an urgent question on the Middle East in the Commons, Ms Thornberry asked to “take a brief moment to apologise to colleagues on the SNP benches for the language I used in the heat of hustings last week”.

She said: “When we are debating the Middle East, it is a salutary reminder to me both that there is no place for hatred in our politics, and that on almost every foreign policy issue including this one, we have opposed the Tory government together and I’m sorry for what I said.”

For what it’s worth I don’t particularly have a view on who is best choice for the Ukanian branch manager role across at Labour. The most interesting one looked to be Clive Lewis but he didn’t even get to first base. Of those left I suspect Emily T would give Johnson the hardest time in Westminster itself. No idea how she would play among the voters of England though? – She strikes me as having a warm personality and I was really quite shocked and perturbed when I read of her outburst – So, fair’s fair Emily – well done for owning up that a mistake was made. (Wee thought though – mibbes don’t take too much advice fae Danielle Rowley from now on in).

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