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From the Scottish Government News site yesterday:

Equality to be enshrined at heart of government.The First Minister has welcomed progress to deliver recommendations from the National Advisory Council on Women and Girls to tackle gender inequality. The Advisory Council was established to champion gender equality and suggest where more action is needed to tackle persistent inequality, support women in work, end violence against women and girls and challenge gender stereotypes. All key recommendations in a recent 2019 report by the Advisory Council have been accepted by the Scottish Government.

Since the group’s year one report was published in January 2019:

  • A Bill on forensic medical services has been introduced to the Scottish Parliament. It ensures that victims can access healthcare, and forensic medical examination, without first making a report to police
  • A national Taskforce on Human Rights Leadership has been created and will explore the incorporation of the UN Convention on the Elimination of all forms of Discrimination Against Women, into Scots Law
  • A new commission to advance equality in education – the Task Force on Gender Equality in Education and Learning – has been established and will meet for the first time next month.