Health correspondent’s sneaky strategy to revive the PPE shortages lie

Ignoring, the factory workers dying at almost twice the level of social care workers, Helen McArdle has pounced on what seems like an opportunity to revisit the PPE shortages which were not.

See it? Why why does McArdle think social care workers were more likely to catch the virus than the ICU staff? They would have caught it from the residents and the folk they care for at home. Run the presses!

No wait, the old folk didn’t pass the virus to the workers. We know that it was the other way round now, especially if they were agency workers. So, they almost certainly got it in the community or on the public transport they have to use because the care home owners won’t pay them a decent wage so that they can run a car.

Also, missing from the McArdle piece, context:

Mortality among key workers is lower:

The latest ONS mortality statistics for England and Wales show that 237 health and care workers and 47 teachers have been killed by the coronavirus up to 23 April – deaths in the three weeks since are not included.

In Scotland:

As at 5 May, we have been notified by Health Boards or the Care Inspectorate of 7 deaths of healthcare workers and 6 deaths of social care workers, related to COVID-19. We are not able to confirm how many of these staff contracted COVID-19 through their work.

The UK has 12.6 times the population of Scotland so, pro rata, we might expect 12.6 times the deaths, 164, but it is 284.

5 thoughts on “Health correspondent’s sneaky strategy to revive the PPE shortages lie

  1. Slightly off-piste, but……

    According to Trumps pet dope (until he “fired” him) John Bolton, President Trump asked President Xi to help him win in the 2020 election by buying US farm produce.
    Terrible stuff, eh? According to the media it is!

    But…..David Cameron asked Putin, Obama, Rajoy et al to help British nationalism win the 2014 referendum by interfering and bad-mouthing Scottish independence.
    Terrible stuff, eh? Yet, NO mention in our colonial media.
    Brit Nats–Loyalist thugs–Orange fascists etc—none of them exist in their fantasy world.

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      1. Sadly nothing concrete to report. It is based on a story aired in the Scotsman, and little else. However denials were scarce, and it seemed no surprise to Lobby journalists. I expect the story is true, and Obama gave a half-hearted speech supporting “Britain”, Putin apparently refused and Rajoy couldn’t shut up.

        The SNP at Westminster really needed to pursue stuff like this; especially when the Russia thing was getting big licks—doesn’t matter how it gets treated at the despatch box–keep raising it until the media are forced to run with it. Its the perception that counts.

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