‘I am bitter. It’s all I have really.’ Alex Bell and the SNP

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Alex Bell, former adviser to Alex Salmond has popped up today in the Herald and the Courier to tell us that John Sweeney is weak, hapless and must go.

In the Courier he says:

The Nats (SNP) say it is because London won’t give them any more money. That’s like saying we lost the game of football because the opposition didn’t give us more chances. It’s a cowardly line of reasoning, an argument which asks you to feel pity for Scotland – poor us, the neighbours are so mean.

In the P&J, in April he annouced:

Sturgeon’s more a follower of England than Scottish leader.

Pretty laughable these days.

In the Daily Record in March he called his old boss, Alex Salmond, a ‘creep‘ and in the same month predicted the SNP would ‘tear itself apart.’

Another perceptive prediction as support soars.

Back in 2015, Wings, did a thorough job on Bell:

The other recurring theme is bitterness at the SNP, as seen here. Bell left the party (at least as an employee) under something of a cloud in July 2013, in circumstances that neither side has ever discussed. Ever since then he’s been a regular fixture in the Unionist press, savaging the leadership for one thing or another.

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2 thoughts on “‘I am bitter. It’s all I have really.’ Alex Bell and the SNP”

  1. My recollection, for what its worth.

    Bell, around the time he left, seemed to be advocating the SNP accept Peerages as part of the independence campaign.
    Perhaps he thought he was in line?–a wee ermine rug (in place of hair)!
    Then the penny dropped, and off he went in a big girlie huff!
    A pity, I liked his phone-ins.

    My wee theory. It is probably nonsense.


  2. I never understood why Alex Salmond called him as a defence witness, then he dropped Alex in it by saying something along the lines of . . . He (Bell ) followed them upstairs for the female’s protection. He’s publically hated everything SNP since leaving his employment there. So much so that at one pount he was call Kaye’s favourite go to Nat.

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