Relatively little racism, sexism and homophobia in Police Scotland?

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From BBC Scotland, yesterday:

Police Scotland: Racism, sexism and homophobia uncovered in review

A review of the culture within Police Scotland has uncovered first-hand accounts of racism, sexism and homophobia by serving officers.

The review group, set up in 2021, heard instances of people being “punished” for raising concerns.

It also heard the force’s efforts to improve its culture are being held back by financial issues and pressure on frontline resources.

The initial findings were published in the first of two reports due this year.

It comes just weeks after four women spoke to BBC Newsnight about allegations of a “boys club” culture at all levels of Police Scotland.

So, ‘accounts’ but no numbers beyond ‘four’, to compare with the total staffing of 23 000?

Finding’s ‘were published’ but are still ‘due?’

Now I know BBC Scotland staff are desperate to tell Scots that things are bad in SNP Scotland too, but for some actual facts on policing, try these:

3 thoughts on “Relatively little racism, sexism and homophobia in Police Scotland?

  1. Rsngers fiasco, Salmond show trial. Camper van arrested and detained. £Billions wasted. Females put in cells for having a rape alarm. Abused women locked out and homeless. Police women? A Domestic Abuse Bill that cannot be dropped or appealed. Co habiting women (majority) do not have equal rights. No access to legal aid, They have to stay in unsafe abusive places. Or lose the roof over their heads. Rental agencies (lawyers) charge women 6 months up front rent and deposit. Even with adequate means. BAME 4% of pop. Black 1%.


  2. Day 3 of the BBC in Scotland’s propaganda assault on Police Scotland still features their distortion of what was actually reported and said in prime spot, with their usual “What the papers say, but it had nothing to do with us… honest” to back up their ludicrous hype.

    I feel a bit sorry for Iain Livingstone signing off his tour as CC with this rubbish in circulation, but I’ve little doubt every member of the force will be as pissed off that all that they’ve achieved is ignored for the sake of distraction and Sun style journalism.

    My hunch is that the powers that be got wind that their ruse to destroy the SNP is foundering and got wind the PS investigation was drawing to a close without the result they wanted.
    Hell hath no fury than a Tory plot unravelling…

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