92 year-old woman ‘didn’t like’ to press nurse call button because ‘they’re too busy’ then is discharged with care package in only days!

Margaret with her two children in 1960

This is a true story that won’t make it to BBC Scotland because it’s not about someone being let down by NHS Scotland and by implication, if not direct accusation, the ‘SNP’ Government or ‘Yousaf.’

Six weeks ago, my mother Margaret (92) had a fall and was hospitalised in Kirkcaldy. After four weeks of testing and treatment, she was placed in an assessment ward in Dunfermline. Only days later she was placed in a ‘lovely’ care home, also in the town.

The only survivor now of seven siblings, a former textile worker, she told us on day one in hospital, in a very frail condition, that the nurses had told her to press the call button on her bed ‘anytime.’ Despite being in constant pain, she told us that she ‘didn’t like to’ because ‘they’re too busy.’

Where did she get that idea? Not from the staff, me or my sister and family, her main carers. Could it be from the saturation media messaging in Scotland that the NHS is in crisis, that there are too few staff, too many vacancies, too long waits, and so on?

I’ve been angry for a long time about Scotland’s MSM putting lives at risk by scaremongering on health matters but this time it’s personal.


3 thoughts on “92 year-old woman ‘didn’t like’ to press nurse call button because ‘they’re too busy’ then is discharged with care package in only days!

  1. My feeling exactly. I have incurable cancer and my treatment has been nothing short of first class. Speedily and efficiently carried out. The same is true of my fellow patients I talk to in my local hospital, St John’s in Livingston. My wife is receiving long term treatment for an eye complaint and her experience has been similar. Pointing this out to the more OCDish posters online generally draws charges that I am either a liar or wildly untypical. Pointing out that friends and family, down South, are getting far worse treatment gets shrugged off as ‘deflection’ despite the fact that Unionist make unflattering Scottish/English comparisons whenever they can.

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  2. You’re quite right to take it personally, but the politicians pushing this agenda because “it’s just politics” are every bit as deserving of ire, eg Baillie and that disgrace of a doctor Gulhane for starters.

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