In the wake of Sarah Everard, Police Scotland acts, the Met doesn’t but it’s not good enough Scotland

From the BBC website:

A new verification check for lone police officers in Scotland has been introduced in the wake of the murder of Sarah Everard.

Police Scotland said it wanted to reassure the public after she was abducted and killed by Metropolitan police officer Wayne Couzens.

Couzens, 48, used his warrant card to abduct Ms Everard from a south London street before raping and murdering her.

Members of the public in Scotland can now request a control room check.

Action, doing something but what about in London where these events began? What is the Met doing? Well, nothing yet. From the Times today:

Flashers and perverts remain eligible to join the Metropolitan Police and other forces because of a loophole in vetting.

The anomaly means that Wayne Couzens, the officer who raped and murdered Sarah Everard, would probably still have been hired by the Met even if he had been arrested for exposing himself.

How is BBC Scotland’s flagship, Reporting Scotland covering this?

Just half a sentence saying the Police Scotland action is welcomed but then, with no detail offered straight onto several critics wheeled in to ignore it and repeat at length, their pre-existing concerns and demand further assurances. I have no objections at all to those further assurances being requested but surely when Police Scotland acts quickly they deserve at least a few sentences telling us about it and perhaps even praising it especially in the light of the inertia in London?

The Scottish cringe.

3 thoughts on “In the wake of Sarah Everard, Police Scotland acts, the Met doesn’t but it’s not good enough Scotland

  1. Abused women are being charged under the Domestic Abuse Act by females. The Police are found to lie in Court. Or write false reports. They abuse women every day. Nothing is done about it. It cannot be dropped or appealed. Unless your sister or friends are in privileged high places. Illegal and unfair. Women are abused and then abused through the Law. The Law is used by abusers against them. Telling lies. Then Police follow these allegations without investigation.

    Alex Salmond was falsely charged. Costing £Millions, It was women witnesses who testified in his favour. .

    Women who co habit (the majority) do not have the same rights as other women or men. They have to put a claim in within a year. It can cost £thousands in legal fees and take years. Many women. do not have the money. There is little legal aid. Women can lose their house, their home. Letting agencies illegally charge 6 months rent up front + deposits. Many women do not have these funds.

    Abused women and children have to stay in unsafe places or lose the roof over their heads. Lose their house, their home. Gordon f they do not have alternative accommodation. In England the Law has been changed so abused women can get legal aid. Without losing their house, their home. Legal aid has to be paid back in any case on settlement.

    Politicians wring their hands and do nothing. To give women equal rights. There are only consultations and sound bites.


  2. ‘Just half a sentence saying the Police Scotland action is welcomed but then …’

    Perhaps on the TV but that’s not what I heard on BBC Radio Scotland News this afternoon. There was a short factual description of the Police Scotland action followed by ONE third party simply rejecting/dismissing in stark terms – unchallenged and without context or perspective (as usual) – what Police Scotland had come forward with as an immediate contribution to giving some additional reassurance. I am not aware that the police service in Scotland is proposing this is a complete solution to a wider and deeper societal wrong.

    Tyranny of perfectionism – a disposition to regard anything short of perfection as unacceptable, especially the setting of unrealistically demanding goals accompanied by a disposition to regard failure to achieve them as unacceptable and a sign of worthlessness – or basic pursuit of a political agenda? Who knows the motivation in the instance of this contributor to the BBC Radio Scotland news! Does the BBC Scotland editor know – do they even wonder or care?

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  3. Stop the changing room ‘banter’, of the perpetrators. Instead of giving women (the majority) equal rights. That’s goner work. More worthless sound bites, from useless politicians. A damn disgrace while women suffer every day. In unsafe,abusive situations. They are stuck in. Change the Law for goodness sake.

    There is now a Domestic Abuse Law. It cannot be dropped or appealed that is being used against women. Unless their sister or others are in privileged high places. Never mind equality or fairness. Another consultation on the way. Pass the buck time. The Courts stacked up and wasting time.


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