BMA survey not worthy of Primary 7 project but Reporting Scotland love it

On Reporting Scotland a doctor’s trade union ‘snap’ survey of 200 junior doctors is used to suggest a crisis in the morale of junior doctors.

There are more than 5 000 junior doctors in Scotland. 200 or just over 3% is not an adequate sample.

The survey, its sampling or indeed any of its methods are not available.

Schoolchildren would be expected to validate their findings properly. Why is the BMA allowed media representation of a politically motivated scare story based on no evidence? Well, you know the answer.

4 thoughts on “BMA survey not worthy of Primary 7 project but Reporting Scotland love it


    THEY AT LEAST NEED TO BE ACCURATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Tame quacks officials eh

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  2. But hey it’s a scare story, another “crisis”, probably promoted by their sponsors, but who cares.

    As long as the Scotland Office is happy, the monthly pay packet is still secure.

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  3. Medical schools are oversubscribed a hundred times. Someone needs to put up a notice. Junior doctors were bring exploited by consultants. Changes were made. Junior Doctors hours were made more reasonable.Instead of working too many shifts without relief. Junior doctors in Scotland got a better contract. deal. There is a 4% pay rise for healthcare workers in Scotland.

    Doctors were consulted whether they wanted an increase in remuneration or more Doctors. £Billions were put into our of hours care so GP’s could work more reasonable hours. More Doctors could be trained. Healthcare workers could be paid more. If less was wasted by Westminster Gov on worthless projects of little value. Illegal wars, financial fraud and tax evasion. Empty shops and office blocks built. Instead of funding essential service.

    The Scottish Gov has extended social care so more elderly people can stay in their own homes with support. Social care £100+ a week, Residential care up to £thousand a week, Hospital care £1000+ a day.

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  4. On the Subject of ABC (BBC)
    For over a week now they have in News
    Articles spewed out 100,s of hours on fuel shortages etc
    And every time a Tory or one their lackeys are allowed to spew forth their pathetic excuses all in order to swat away the prime cause of Brexit
    They each and every time in constant unison state that Europe also has a shortage of HGV drivers
    Despite ABC employing hundreds if not thousands of qualified trained researches
    Never has there been one little chirp on
    The actual reality on the ground
    Well i just finished researching for all of 22 minutes of EU English speaking press and Broadcasting news websites
    Gave up
    Not 1 single report of any petrol stations of having no fuel
    So switched research to
    Empty shop shelves
    Fresh Fruit and veg.picking
    Meat processing
    Same as fuel
    If ever proof needed that ABC (BBC )
    output is controlled in a very strict coordinated manner from on high
    Then this is probably one of the finest examples
    Because the government and the elite
    Consider themselves to be under severe
    Threat and therefore on high alert and imposing wartime control over all vital information
    But we on the Indy side for years know full well that such is the case
    Because losing Scotland is in effect and results upon them is akin to losing a serious and major war
    But both in our case and that of Brexit
    It is a War against those who it governs
    And responsible for
    No No No
    We in Scotland
    Will never swallow or far less ” Eat this poisonous cake ”
    A certain character in history is called to mind as to the sheer arrogance of those in charge
    Have a guess whom
    Only clue
    Her initials

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