Maybe this is insensitive but sexual assaults by police officers across the UK are 35% more common than in Scotland

I hesitate but, as always, BBC Scotland seek to make something of a tragedy when the others do not.

‘Dozens’ and ‘more than a 100’ is 106 over 4 years, in Scotland.

BBC UK, England, Wales and Northern Ireland are not covering the report.

We have to look in the Times (Scotland) to see that the UK total is 2 000

the times

The UK population of 67.22 million is 12.3 times greater than that of Scotland at 5.44 million so, if sexual assaults were equally common across the UK, the UK total would be 1 304 but it is 2 000, 35% higher than expected.

Sexual assaults by Scottish police officers are significantly less common than elsewhere in the UK.

8 thoughts on “Maybe this is insensitive but sexual assaults by police officers across the UK are 35% more common than in Scotland

  1. Pro rata there have been far more Tory MPs accused of inappropriate behaviour than police officers.
    In 2017 there were nearly 40 alone (plus Labour MPs as well).

    But hey, the BBC wont talk about that, now they are a part of the Tory regime.

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  2. The Police are paid to protect people from sexual assault. Rape convictions are so low. Police women are illegally charging women under the Domestic Abuse Act, it cannot be dropped or appealed. Except if there are sisters in privilege positions. They introduced the Act.

    Co habiting women do not have equal rights with other women and men. They have to put in a claim within a year. It costs £thousands in legal fees. Women do not have the money. There is little legal aid. Women and children have to stay in abusive unsafe situations. Or they can lose the roof over their head. Lose their home. Rental agencies illegally charge women 6 months rent and deposit. Even with perfect credit scores. The Law has been changed in England so women can get legal aid without losing their home.


    1. Gordon, you introduce these serious topics btl here every now and then but only by assertion, never (as best as I can recall) providing references to sources of further explanation or evidence. I do read all your btl contributions but candidly I (perhaps others?) will remain none the wiser without being directed to relevant sources to clarify and evidence your concerns.

      This is not a subject I know much about so on the topic of the legislation in Scotland I only offer one source that at a general level may offer context for some TuS readers: Holyrood Magazine, 8 September 2020 on the release of statistics on charges and convictions associated with domestic abuse:

      ‘Dr Marsha Scott, chief executive of Scottish Women’s Aid, said: “Implementing Scotland’s new world-leading domestic abuse law has been a huge undertaking for every cog in Scotland’s justice system. The Crown Office have been an enthusiastic and insightful partner in transforming Scotland’s response to domestic abuse generally and coercive control specifically, and today’s figures are welcome evidence of that.’

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  3. The evidence is right there. Charges again the sister dropped. A mass of evidence accumulated. Aired everyday about the institutionalised corruption. Rape convictions so low. Victims being victimised by the system.

    Protests not allowed. Even marches stopped and people convicted. Innocent, vulnerable people in prisons. They should not be there. Half on the spectrum. Total lack of diversity, Hands off approach does not being justice. The funding should be cut unless there are changes made. A Law where charges cannot be dropped or appealed is not justice. It defies justice.

    Authoritarian approach. Costs more, clogs up the system and does not bring justice. There are changes to funding drink/drug addiction. That could make a difference. Prison £40,000 a year. Keeping people on methadone for years. Leading to early death. Intolerable and makes no difference. People take other substances and die earlier deaths. .

    MUP has cut consumption and deaths. Scotland used to consume 25% more by comparison. Starting from a higher consumption proportion. It is down to 12%? Still falling. Young people are getting the message. Pubs are closing. Gyms are opening. A better lifestyle. Thatcher had a bad affect.

    Women being kept in vulnerable, unsafe situations because they do not have equal rights. Women’s Aid should be highlighting that situation. Or quoting some statistics. They could be highlighting more injustice. Changing the Law to help women get out of bad situations not colluding with system. There is consultation after consultation. Still nothing is done to change it. Affecting the majority of women

    Men are 3 times likely be violently attacked and murdered. Men are mainly the perpetrators and attackers. There is a gender factor women commit less (violent) crime. Almost non existent. They shoplift or do not pay bills because of lack of funding or addiction. Many should not be in prison. They should receive ample support and proper subsistence.

    The SNP are bringing in better measures and giving support in many areas of good governance. There was so much to change after 50 years of unionist Labour and decay. It has made a difference.


  4. Prevention is better than cure. Intervention helps find a solution. Hands off is not the right way to solve a problem. It needs a change in the Law to give women (majority) equal rights. Women 30% unrepresented. It is 2021 not the 1950s. Women are still being shackled.


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