Not quite an army?


There are around 67 000 nurses and midwives in Scotland, 50% more pro rata than in England. There are around 4 400 student nurses and midwives, adding 6.5% to the total staffing. In their first year as full-time staff, they are still training and given limited responsibilities.

I’m sure they’ll be a big help but as admissions fall to 877 from a peak of 2 053 in January and as ICU cases fall to the lowest level (56) since December 2020, there is no staffing crisis.

5 thoughts on “Not quite an army?

    1. I think in 2020 they were final year nurses but they would have some experience beforehand because work placements are part of their Uni courses.

      In 2019 I had quite a bit of contact with the Health Service one way or another and I noticed on my various visitsto, or stays in, hospital that there was always a cohort of student nurses doing their work placements.


      1. No expert but on some (all?) degree courses for nursing in Scotland is not c.50% of course delivery achieved through ‘work placements’ – i.e. a very practice-oriented education?

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  1. “”There are around 4 400 student nurses and midwives,…””

    I think you need to revise these numbers upwards. The intake of student nurses/midwives for the academic year 2021-2022 was 4449. Last year the 1st year intake was 4206. The previous academic year the intake was just under 4,000. Therefore you have 11,000 or so at Uni plus some more in 4th year doing honours. Of course there will be drop-outs/withdrawals but still significantly more than 4000 or so at Uni.
    The 1st year intake of student nurses/midwives has increased every year since 2013 so .

    Around 600 plus newly qualified nurses have just started in GGHB.


  2. “Covid crisis forces health chiefs to draft inexperienced staff to the front lines” – Absolute drivel and a fairly obvious attempt to resuscitate the flagging “Scotland’s NHS crisis” campaign, which outside of the media has gained next to no traction with the public.


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