Navy worried that they might crash a ferry just like the Army crashed ambulances?

Reading between the lines in this BBC Scotland report, it looks like SFA is actually happening for the obvious reason that the Navy don’t operate wee ferries.

Now if you wanted your car taken by landing craft and dumped on a muddy shore or if you were happy to be helicoptered off an assault ship, we’re talking!

We read:

An assessment is ongoing over whether military help is the solution for Highland Council’s Corran Ferry.

There has not been a car ferry on the five-minute crossing of Loch Linnhe in Lochaber for three weeks due to issues with the main vessel and a relief boat.

It is the busiest single-vessel ferry route in Scotland and carries more than 270,000 cars each year.

The Ministry of Defence (MoD) has agreed to look at what assistance it might be able to offer.

A military team has visited the area, but Highland Council said discussions with the MoD remained ongoing.

The MoD declined to comment.

That last sentence speaks volumes.

This is just another PR stunt and, anyhow would RN be safe at the wheel? Remember these?

Two army drivers crash ambulances within 48 hours of being brought in to help with crisis


4 thoughts on “Navy worried that they might crash a ferry just like the Army crashed ambulances?

  1. The Norwegians would have built a bridge or tunnel a long time ago.
    Of course,to quote David Cameron,Norwsy is a small country with oil resources.

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  2. The monies spent on Trident could build more ferries etc. Put more jobs on relevant projects. Improve the economy.

    Westminster is a total mess of mismanagement and corruption. Time to get rid of the mess. Coming soon by those who get out and vote.


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