Teacher Education as a whole is generally healthy, and there is definitely no ‘crisis’

In the Times Education Scotland yesterday but as with so many positive reports, not making the MSM unlike the alleged under-reporting of bullying:

A major piece of research into how well Scottish universities are preparing teachers for the profession has found that the system “as a whole is generally healthy, and there is definitely no ‘crisis’”.

The project ran for six years – during which teaching graduates in Scotland were tracked from 2018 to 2022 – after concerns had been raised about how well teachers were being prepared for the profession.

Now – as the Measuring Quality in Initial Teacher Education (MQuITE) project draws to a close – the final report setting out its findings has been published.

One key finding is that, at the outset of their careers, teacher confidence in key areas of the curriculum – including literacy and numeracy – is high and that graduates report “no real areas of persistent weakness”.

The report says: “The overall headline message from the MQuITE study is that the ITE [Initial Teacher Education] system as a whole is generally healthy, and there is definitely no ‘crisis’.”



4 thoughts on “Teacher Education as a whole is generally healthy, and there is definitely no ‘crisis’

  1. Coincidentally a report on ebc this morning has a head teacher from somewhere in engerland challenging an Ofsted report, and taking Ofsted to court to overturn the report which had the school failing.
    Which they claim, depressed them, and destroyed their confidence to the extent they became suicidal.

    And yet they found the confidence and courage of their convictions to write the article and begin the court action.

    Let us not forget that to become a head teacher, one must demonstrate a confidence and capability to hold the position in the first place, and they are definitely no dunce. Also to achieve the position they have to be a ‘political animal’.

    Me thinks this is the thin end of a wedge which will allow the wastemonster to paint the English education system as not failing, but in need of more privatisation.

    I also suspect a hero ex head teacher who may or may not have had to resign for whatever reason, but still wishes to serve being put forward for as a candidate at the next local or wastemonster elections.



      1. There is no addition needs support module in teacher training courses. The support which could help all children learning. Affects 1 in 10 children Parents and families. Councils (unionist) have shut bases. Not building necessary or providing additional needs facilities.

        Leading to all pupils and children not realising there full potential. Uni departments not providing adequate training. Simple solutions. Council (unionists) not providing bases in schools. Total ignorance.

        Employing more classroom (unqualified) classroom assistants. Instead of qualified teachers keeping class sizes down.

        Scotland has one of the best education systems in the world. Still could be better. Without ignorant unionist interference.

        Independence could make it even better. With better inclusion. Or more adequate support. More monies could be spent on education. Not Trident, illegal wars. Westminster poor bad decisions.


  2. Douglas Ross to complain to No 10 after media coverage chaos

    Saturday laugh “Who does he thinks he is” a poster waving wan**r


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