Scottish Labour accused of lack of transparency again, over candidate selection

In the wake of a refusal to reveal party membership and despite easy access to the full letter of complaint from two constituency Labour groups (below), BBC Scotland has chosen to omit the more critical comments and to soften the scandal with this headline:

Formal complaint made over Scottish Labour selection process

In the BBC Scotland report’s text, some of the letter’s more mundane, descriptive, content has been used but the very challenging, apparently suspicious of a right-wing Party HQ’s intentions to exclude leftist non-Starmerites, direct questions have been ignored. In particular:

You can see what they’re worried about – some rightist with no recent track record in the Party or in the area, who has re-joined only after the Starmer putsch to exclude Corbynites.


The full letter:


5 thoughts on “Scottish Labour accused of lack of transparency again, over candidate selection

  1. ” Dear Keir ( Sir ! ) and Anas ,
    Can you confirm that no socialist has been or will be considered as candidate for any Scottish Labour seat , now or in the future , as this goes against all of the principles of the new Labour Party .
    Yours affectionately DRoss

    P.S. You’ve got my vote , Keir . ”


  2. I’m pretty certain that this issue was highlighted some yrs ago, to the extent that I and I suppose many others believed that it was London Labour that predetermined candidature selection and that the process was far from democratic.
    The notion that Scotland needs a Labour government led by Starmer in Westminster and Sarwar in Holyrood, both right wing nutters, is frankly delusional when you examine the purpose of the complaint.

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