Calmac ferries to get guns and sonar but further delayed

From the Scotsman on 28 April:

Baroness Goldie said the activities of Russian vessels suspected of gathering intelligence will be watched closely.

Earlier this month, a joint investigation by European broadcasters claimed a Russian ship called the Admiral Vladimirsky was part of an operation to map undersea infrastructure.


Only if things have improved in terms of the UK armed forces capabilities, in the last six years under more Tory mismanagement, so probably no?

In 2017, pre-Ferrygate this was the situation:

How could an independent Scotland protect its waters without the Royal Navy? Just the same?



Russian submarines have been regularly in Scottish waters over the last few years and the UK press have been sounding-off (is that sonar?) about it. See these:

In 2014, Britain had to call in NATO surveillance planes to look for a submarine hidden in Scottish waters. One of the planes was French! Oh, the shame of it all. And, it was probably flying the Russian version of the St Andrew’s cross to further confuse the issue.

Wait a minute, don’t I remember from WWII films how British destroyers hunted German submarines? Where were they? Well, we can surely relax now with six new Clyde-built Type 45 destroyers. We can’t relax? They’re relaxing?


(Image: Daily Mirror)

All of them, HMS Daring, Dauntless, Diamond, Dragon, Defender and Duncan, are in dock with equipment failures and even manpower shortages. OK, what about that new aircraft carrier. It will have surveillance planes on board. It doesn’t have any planes on board and it’s sprung a leak?



Rule Brittania, Brittania rules the waves? Aye right! How much would it cost to fit sonar and depth charges on the Caledonian MacBrayne fleet?

Mind you, in 2023, those destroyers will all be fixed now. No?


3 thoughts on “Calmac ferries to get guns and sonar but further delayed

  1. Russians taking over an independent Scotland has been a recurring trope by the unionist media for a long time. Before Perstroika and the collapse of the Soviet Union there were ‘fears’ that all these left wing Red Clydeside trade unionists would be sympathetic to their ‘commie’ comrades.

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  2. Russian ships can sail freely to within 12 miles of any coastline around the world same as all other ships , the Russian ship they got their knickers in a twist about was an exploratory scientific ship but U.K. politics turned it into a spy ship story as if , if they wanted to spy undersea we would never know we just would never have seen them.U.K
    U.K. has this condition where the media continually try to frighten the U.K. population this recent mobile phone alarm and the Russian spy ship are part of it I think they do it to keep your mind off the real issues which are those in Westminster stealing what wealth the U.K. has left by impoverishing the whole U.K. infrastructure.

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  3. Idea ! Couldn’t Suella Braverman commandeer all those ”smallboats ”,stick some Dad’s Army types in them with wooden fake rifles and patrol the North Sea to scare off those pesky Russians ?
    I’m sure that ”they don’t like it up ’em !”


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