More a lying epidemic than a bullying one

I don’t for a minute doubt that there is too much bullying going on in Scotland’s schools, of for that matter workplaces too, but there is absolutely no evidence of a epidemic emerging in recent times.

The ‘leading children’s rights campaigner’ has only anecdotal evidence.

The Daily Record bases its claim on a handful of recent cases caught on mobile phones.

I can find no reliable data to tell me either what the current level might be or whether or not there is a trend.

I do know:



4 thoughts on “More a lying epidemic than a bullying one

  1. Bullying – which contains ‘lying’ – is the prime tactic of the media and many politicians. Their hypocritical attitude to bullying is that they are justified in using it but no one else is.

    It is a sad fact about campaigners, no matter how desirable the aims of the campaigns are, is that risible hyperbole and performative rage are tools they resort to far too readily.

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  2. The Councils ( unionist) employ too many untrained classroom assistants. Instead of teachers. Employing more teachers would keep class sizes down and increased remuneration for teachers. Teachers are more highly qualified and receive higher remuneration. Councils (unionists) cut additional needs provision and facilities. Additional needs teachers and facilities are needed for diversity knowledge and help for the pupils. Additional needs provision is relatively easy and simple to help with anxiety break and tensions.

    The lying bulky press. Renowned for bully and lying. Criminal activities and stalking people. Hacking phones and bribing public officials. Westminster is supposed to guarantee a free and fair Press. The Press is Westmibster controlled and full of propaganda.


  3. This campaigner wants a ”new law” to stop this bullying ”epidemic”.
    No LAW ever prevented an offence .
    Simply calling on the FM ( HER again ! ) to pass a law is naive in the extreme . If it was this simple then it would have been done long ago .
    Everyone has been bullied at some point in their lives . It is vile and can be incredibly destructive .
    A new law is NOT the answer . You need to seek answers elsewhere !


  4. Anybody else get that feeling of dejavu given the recent Section 35 order by that State of a Secretary for Flounce in Scotland ?


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