Independence: The age, class and regional divides

From the FindOutNow poll for the National on 18 January 2023, the young are with us, the middle-aged divided and only the elderly agin.

From the same poll, less sharply than for age, only social grade AB are opposed and, oddly, not so likely to vote, like the DE grade.

Finally, only the South and West regions seem opposed with the NE looking like having shifted after a few years of Tory MPs.

Should we do something based on this knowledge?

Targeted campaign material aimed at AB grade pensioners in the Borders?

Or just accept that sort are not going to change and concentrate on getting more of the young, working-class urbanites to turn out with more of the same messaging?


11 thoughts on “Independence: The age, class and regional divides

    1. Given the obstacles the Tories are putting in the way of people voting – photo ID – which places the young at a disadvantage then I think you have to try to reach all groups otherwise a low turnout might result. Since this is about independence and each of these groups will be part of an independent Scotland then it also makes sense to target all age groups so that whatever the outcome they know they will be welcome in an independent Scotland.

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  1. There are many non-Scots settled (retired) to Dumfries and Galloway and they will probably not be converted.
    Just like the same “settlers” in France and Spain thinking they were still a part of the Anglosphere after Brexit. Gunk!
    We have to get beyond them and concentrate on those who are convertible.
    We must always argue we want to build a BETTER COUNTRY, a country friendly with ALL our neighbours, including England (most English folk are not inherently anti-Scottish, just influenced by a grossly Scotophobic media).
    History is in the past, and in the past it must remain–but the future is ours to choose. Lets choose the BEST future for us and our children!

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    1. I live in D&G and am actively involved in the indy movement both in the SNP and more widely. In my experience some of our most active supporters are the non-scots you so easily write off. We are finding that a good proportion of new-scots are “fleeing” from the politics of hate in England in the hope (or expectation) that we are going to get our independence.
      It is worth noting that in the 2021 local elections the SNP stood one candidate in each ward and all but one were elected. More importantly they were all elected in the first round of counting. So there is support for Indy here it just needs to be cultivated. Approximately 33% of the households in our ward live in rural dwellings and it is far harder to effectively use our time chapping their doors when due to distance between them you can only do say 6 in an hour (unlike urban areas). Our branch has fewer members than many central belt branches have activists which means money is virtually non-existent for postal campaigns to these addresses.
      Please don’t write off the south because if you do some buffoon in wasteminster is going to suggest partition which would be disastrous. We need moral and practical support – perhaps twinning branches with lots of activists with branches in the South.

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      1. Stewart, I apologise for my “assumptions”, but they were made in a wrong-headed belief in best utilisation of resources.
        I wish we were in a situation where every resident in Scotland wanted this country to be self-governing, but we are not.
        It is my understanding that UN rules would not allow partition in the modern age, and Scotland would leave the Union with its territory intact.

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        1. Don’t make the mistake of assuming that blue dyke is not ready for tipping John, it’s been done before, and currently looking set to collapse.
          BiS have been helpfully assisting spread the word and shipping materials ‘over the hill’, posters have been springing up all over the place and discussions being had, to the considerable annoyance of ‘the establishment’.
          The Tories have heavily relied on their old party trick of spreading apathy amongst the opposition then turning out everyone including the walking dead to vote Tory – It won’t work next time, folks are well pissed off.

          On the English retirees etc., aside the occasional flag waving irritant, most support Indy and are pretty damned vocal about it.
          That we repeatedly hear to the contrary is as much propaganda to sow discord (and the occasional bigot), it’s the old pitchforks and torches game….

          BiS have been pumping literature over ‘the hill’ and posters have been popping up all over the place stimulating constructive discussion at stalls etc., much to the chagrin of ‘man and boy conservatives’.

          It’s not going to be a NO next time.

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  2. Poor internet connection in the Borders.. Other rural places.

    Enough Independence supportto voteout the opposition. It needs Independence supports to vote at every election, A higher turnout to vote out the opposition. Use it or lose it.


  3. Central headquarters should fund postal campaigns. Two drops allowed per election. Covered by electoral expenses and spending limits.


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