Risk of stroke continues to fall and gap with rUK narrows

Not in the Scotsman, above:

The British Heart Foundation also publish comparisons of stroke mortality rates within the UK
(figure 9). The mortality rates in Scotland were higher than England, Wales and Northern
Ireland for most of the last 50+ years. However, the absolute gap in mortality rates narrowed
over this time.

Hospital activity data relating to cerebrovascular disease in England, Wales and Northern
Ireland are available separately. Please note that these figures are sometimes not directly
comparable with published data from Scotland due to differences in recording and definitions.


One thought on “Risk of stroke continues to fall and gap with rUK narrows

  1. Being the age that I am I have a number of friends, family and neighbours in the same age range who have suffered strokes. But, only one has suffered serious permanent incapacitating trauma. All of the others have recovered almost entirely and continue to lead active lives. The reason for this has been the rapid response of ambulance services with paramedics beginning the administration of drugs within 10/15 minutes of the event, with rapid admission to hospital where well established routines come into play. Most of these acquaintances have been discharged within a few days. They usually have to take appropriate drugs each day, make some adjustments to life style and have regular checks. But, they have agency to manage their conditions.

    The Scotsman piece is an example of selective decontextualised misuse of data. It makes me think the ‘journalists’ hate Scottish people or at best think they are not genetically programmed to manage things for themselves.

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