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Surely the death of Scotland’s William Blake merits the headline? Just ‘Scots author?’ Oh yes, Independence supporter!

Headlined all over BBC Scotland today, on behalf of the EIS/Labour Alliance, we hear of three attacks resulting in compensation of £105 000 altogether. So, 0.0004% of 693 251 pupils were involved in attacking 0.005% of 51 959 teachers? The biggest pay-out of £140 000 was for a fall and altogether £450 00 was paid out in compensation. The figure was reportedly up from 2018 but down from 2017. With such tiny numbers these are insignificant variations indicating no evidence of any trend.

So, just for context (I’ll explain, BBC Scotland staff if you send me an email), what might the situation be in another country, say England?

Teachers win pay-outs of almost £15m after suffering ‘appalling’ racial abuse, physical attacks and discrimination


So, crudely, 30 times the pay-out level but only 10 times the population, means it is around three times the level in England. Maybe the pay-outs are higher there and the violence against teachers is just the same? Ask Reform Scotland?