Telegraph’s Simon Heffer has a cow over the English Taxpayer subsidising Scotland

Not Ted Heath

In the Telegraph today, The Heffer goes all John Bull, or maybe Michael Fish, with us ungrateful Scots repeating that old whopper about Scotland being subsidised by the English taxpayer.

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Readers will know of course that certainty is hard to come by in the world of economic judgement. The dismal science only tends to know what it’s talking about after things have crashed. That uniquely honest economics prof, Richard Murphy, has already made very clear the impossibility of knowing exactly what the situation would be after independence. See this excellent piece:

The failing English elite can’t get its head around Scottish independence, let alone the economics that supports it

However, Channel 4’s Factcheck did inadvertently have decent go at countering the notion that England subsidises Scotland by checking evidence for the counter-argument that, in fact, Scotland subsidises the rest of the UK. With some qualification, they concluded that is was a sort of draw with this:

But the overall balance was close, according to one detailed analysis: even making concessions to nationalist arguments about Scotland’s likely historic debt, higher UK public spending on Scotland almost completely cancelled out any surplus created by “Scottish” oil.

Thus, the notion that England subsidised Scotland is demolished. Keep up Heffer!

To their credit Channel 4, unlike the Telegraph, did give the Scottish Government a right of reply and they said:

We have demonstrated to you using official government statistics that Ian Blackford’s comments are correct. The evidence shows that tax revenues per head in Scotland have been considerably higher than the UK – that has unquestionably subsidised UK public spending over the period. We have also demonstrated how your argument about public spending does not take into account the costs to Scotland of servicing UK debt that would not have been required had we been independent. 

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7 thoughts on “Telegraph’s Simon Heffer has a cow over the English Taxpayer subsidising Scotland

  1. A few months ago the BBC let the cat out of the bag with regards to the worth of the Scottish economy to the UK economy as a whole – £200billion or more. One of their reporters was trying to illustrate what the hit would be to the UK economy in the event of a no deal Brexit – 9.3% or the loss of the entire Scottish economy.

    Watch it here

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    1. Woops!

      This is great Legerwood! It’s the guy saying, with emphasis, ‘that would be a MASSIVE hit,,,’ ‘like losing the entire Scottish economy’. I’m guessing this analogy hasn’t been used much since though.

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      1. Well I have tried to use it as much as I can especially when people make comments about the English subsidising the Scots. A useful piece of information to drop into the conversation whenever possible.

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  2. Scotland its cold outside the Union.
    May I suggest that England without Scotland in the Union it would be freezing for them you never hear what state England would fair without us.

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  3. The comment on ‘Scotland’s oil’ is a way of saying it’s not really Scotland’s oil. The oil that has bankrolled the elite and their dodgy pals as well as kept England afloat and the south of England absolutely thriving, was and is extracted from Scotland’s terrotorial waters. The fact it’s called the ‘North Sea’, is all part of the Big Brit Scam.

    As we know the Bliar gov shifted the boundaries to claim much of the oil fields in the ‘north sea’ but, is that the area where new fields are now, or where the massive decommissioning is taking place? It takes a long time to prospect for oil, and a heck of a lot of cash, and companies don’t invest unless they have a pretty damn good idea they will find it, extract it and get their returns.

    In the run up to the independence referendum in 2014, the UK Eng gov deliberately ran down the oil industry of the ‘north sea’, small companies were put out of business, the big ones laid workers off on full pay, all a huge huge ruse to give the impression there was no oil left, ‘oh what a shame Scotland you’ll be too poor and not manage lol!’ How convenient.

    So now we have Scotland’s territorial waters beings exploited to the benefit of London, England and the dodgy pals of the Tory government. It’s truly sickening, because Scotland’s renewables needs further investment but the UK Eng gov have removed funding for that, and, the ‘National Grid’ is not being upgraded in Scotland, to allow for the network to cope with much more rewenables energy. As far as I can make out, the ‘National Grid’ is owned by a US company,(!) who manage and control the network in ‘England and Wales’. Thy manage the network in Scotland too(?), but do not ‘own’ it. Scot power and SSE own it but that’s not set in stone. Hard to find out all facts on this.

    The ‘National Grid’ is being upgraded in the south of England, not the north, maybe a bit in Yorkshire, but not in Scotland or NI as far as I can see, with a bit of brief reading.

    Scotland had been diddled ( scammed) to the tune of absolute £trillions from the oil extraction, taken from Scottish territorial waters, it’s an utter disgrace. Just like the scammers online, who say ‘give us your bank details so we can pay in £1million lolz’ , Scotland has been scammed big time, and kept poor into the bargain, schemes built for the poor, ( ghettos) and drugs sent in to the schemes to control the young men with no hope, no opportunities, and defintely no prospects. Knock on effects will be felt for decades to come.

    Channel 4 are no friend of Scotland, like the pretendy lefty Guardian, they also know that Scotland has been robbed but are experts at pulling the wool over peoples’ eyes, both sides of the border.

    For people in Scotland not to realise that no British nationalist government would subsidise anyone, or any country for free, without taking their bread and butter first, and leaving a few measly crumbs, has been an absolute tragedy, a massively successful job done on Scotland by the Britnats in London, in power. The people of Scotland have had their eyes opened to the huge Britnat scam though, and that’s what terrifies the so called ‘unionists’. They don’t want an equal ‘union’ they want to keep stealing Scotland’s huge resources and taking the massive revenues! Britnat freeloaders, scammers of the highest order!

    Scotland run while you can, it’s got to be soon, but as a Scottish friend of mine says, ‘slowly slowly catchy monkey’…
    It’s on the cards, and England needs to stand on their own two feet now, the gravy train north to south is no longer running, get your house in order England, and sure, we can still be friends, if you don’t hold a grudge or anything!


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