Shock as BBC Scotland accuses PM of being ‘a killer’

Maybe Therese Coffey was wrong about getting rid of the Oxford comma, before the ‘and’ in the above example.

The way I, and I hope most sensible folk, read that headline it means that Liz Truss is both a ‘killer and PM.’

I’d like to applaud BBC Scotland for their courage in confronting the Conservative leader with the deadly consequences of her recent policies.

Is it possible, they’ve been reading my blog and saw this: Imagine this medical chief had accused the ‘Scottish’ Government of causing child deaths?

Shockingly, she went on to say ‘If you’re in a cold house and you have asthma, COPD – and you’ve got young children – you‘ve got dampness then that will increase the amount of morbidity within the population.’ So, in less careful language, Conservative Government economic policies will kill children this winter.

More here:

Anyhoo, good on them. Keep it up!


7 thoughts on “Shock as BBC Scotland accuses PM of being ‘a killer’

  1. Therese Coffee—Health Minister for England.
    Giant glugs of vino and big cigars, while dressed like a tinker.

    It’s my view that our “perceptions” have been grossly altered for the worse over the years.
    When I was young(er), everyone knew good and bad, right and wrong– from a political point of view.
    Sadly, decades of political obfuscation, governed by the likes of Blair/Brown/Cameron/May/Boris and now Truss, media news management, on-line fanatics/maniacs and “just tired of fighting the good fight” on the side of the righteous (that’ll be me) has worn us all down.

    Just dae whit yer telt, and vote for indy!
    You KNOW it makes sense.

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  2. ”Killer Truss ” – well , it looks like she has ‘killed’ the Tories chance of winning the next election .


    1. Nah, GE is not at all near and also, anything could happen between now & a GE. The polls were released to give the sheeple a sense of ‘hope’, yep, happy clappy hope, which in all the world never worked to even stevens things out for anyone, lol! People in England will be bit more relaxed about the mess of their ‘country’ due to now having ‘hope’ that their fake Labour party will win hands down at the next GE…ain’t gonna happen but you have to allow folks to dream eh. It means no one will really criticise their faux Labour party even though they do absolutely nothing whatsoever to actually oppose the Tory partys’ dreadful rule, while lining the pockets of the richest in the land of England.

      No one will demand a new left of centre party in England because the Labour right wing party will win next GE, so it’s all good and, relax. England is a one party state.

      Yikes, maybe we should pray and HOPE lol, might it work to escape a dangerous next door cabal at all?

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    1. Maurice will end up with an animal head in his bed.

      If it’s a pig’s head, he better watch Cameroon doesn’t try to sneak in.


  3. I said HMS James Cook were watching, the headline was changed to “Scotland’s papers: Moors Murders search and ‘more rail misery'”, hence leaving PM Truss off the hook for committing murder, aside to the English language, hours of media training to try making her seem remotely competent, she comes across as unable to tie her own shoelaces without the aid of a huge manual and numerous spads offering encouragement…

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