Fourth sub-poll confirms Labour surge will not cross border

I’ve got a plan

Today based on polling on 29 September with 112 Scots, don’t knows and non-voters excluded, Omnisis, has Labour at only 28% in Scotland but 40% for the UK. The Cons have collapsed to 12% suggesting their support is simply moving across to the right-of-centre Labour Party, while the SNP hold at 46%.

A poll of 2216 on 29 September, by PeoplePolling with has Labour 30 points ahead of the Cons with 50%. The Scottish sub-poll of 190 has Labour at 25%, Cons at 3% but SNP at 56% and Greens at 6%.

Survation on the same day with 1 329 has Labour on 42.6% and Cons on 23.6%. The Scottish sub-poll has Labour only on 24.2%, Cons on only 10% and the SNP on 43%.

YouGov on the 28-29th September, with 1 712, has Labour at 54% and Cons at 21% but, in Scotland Labour is on 38%, Cons at 10%, SNP at 44% and Greens at 4%.

On Average, SNP sit at 47%, Labour at 30% and Cons at 9%.



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6 thoughts on “Fourth sub-poll confirms Labour surge will not cross border

  1. I believe it was the late, great Jimmy Reid who said, ” I never left the Labour Party, it was the Labour Party who left me. ” I have never voted for them as I always felt they were conning people with their supposed socialist policies. Nowadays, they don’t even bother to disguise their collusion with the hated Tories, so why so many people still vote for them is a puzzle for me. Is it, ” Ma faither voted for them “. Well, my father did, but I will never follow him.

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    1. I heard the same ”Ma faither voted for them “ over both principal UK parties from Galloway to Glasgow to Angus for half of my life, but I sense a real re-appraisal of political allegiance since the death of the Queen, and the two principals do not come out well.
      Unionism is dying and taking both parties to the grave – Neither hapless DRoss nor hypocritical Sarwar are statesmen, they are script readers and both relied on continuance of a sense of order.
      One qualified to pull teats and the other teeth, it will not end well.

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  2. The LibLabCon party in Scotland. With the emphasis on CON.

    The toon clock wi’ three faces, and always 50 years late.

    We/they were NEVER the Red Tories squeal “Scottish” commentators.
    Aye, right!

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