Confirmed: NO Labour surge in Scotland

A 5th poll suggesting confidently a Labour surge in England now also confirms that the Starmer/Sarwar appeal is weak in Scotland.

Yesterday Opinium published their poll of 2 000, based on data collected from 28-30 September, suggesting Labour on 36% and the Cons on 18%.

But, for the 177 Scots asked, the figures were Cons on 15%, Labour on 20% and SNP on 43%.

Of the previous four polls, only YouGov suggested a mini-surge for Scottish Labour at 38% but this now looks like an outlier.

Across the five sub-polls with a sample total of around 900, the averages now stand at SNP 46%, Labour at 28% and Cons at 10.8%.



5 thoughts on “Confirmed: NO Labour surge in Scotland

  1. No,No, and No again.
    Labour is SURGING ahead according to the Herod, Hootsmon and BBC Hootsmon*.
    The SNP are doomed, done, cooked, as they have been repeatedly for 15 years.

    *This news has been brought to you and endorsed by our Britnat sponsors in Downing Street and Labour HQ.

    News you can trust (is Bullsh!t).

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  2. BBC propaganda war the great Labour comeback delusional magical thinking.
    The funny thing is if they came out for independence they might make a comeback but we all know we could never trust them . The 40% rule for devolution, Blair stealing Scottish territorial waters on the quite. The Vow. They are democracy deniers and even more prodigious liars than the Torys. How could a party of the people be run by Millionares north and south of the border and claim to be socialist. Corbyn was a socialist and a man of the people Sawar and Starmer are red Torys . Dissolve the Union.

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  3. Hard to understand why anyone would vote for Labour in Scotland given their recent traitorous act, in going into coalition with the Tories in councils in Scotland, again.
    Scotland has political parties operating in the Scottish parliament who are registered in England. They also work in the interests of England, the democratic deficit is stark.
    Only independence can solve that anomaly.

    When I read ‘mini -surge’, I thought I was seeing, mini Labour, and they are just that.


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