BBC Scotland’s proxy war on the SNP, using the NHS, continues

A winter crisis in NHS Scotland eh? Given what we know, that Scotland, compared especially to England, has the best-performing A&E departments, significantly more beds, nurses and doctors, all of its hospitals with mortality rates in the expected range and currently with far fewer Covid patients in ICU, BBC England, Wales and Northern Ireland will surely be all over this story too?


Nope. Wales?

Nope. Northern Ireland?

What’s going on BBC Scotland? It’s as if you have a different agenda. To find something that might by association undermine the Scottish Government because if they were successful in gaining independence, that would be the end to your careers.

The long BBC Scotland report makes not one comparison with the performance of the other UK NHS areas. That’s because such comparisons are not helpful, you say? Yet they seem to be on drug deaths or Covid infection levels or unemployment or any any issue where Scotland can be portrayed as doing less well.

Because the SNP Government and its leader can be shown to be consistently superior, including on key moral issues, defenders of the Union have been forced into a proxy war where they find problems in public services and foreground these, with no context of comparison with the rest of the UK.

For more on this long-running proxy war recently, see these:

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7 thoughts on “BBC Scotland’s proxy war on the SNP, using the NHS, continues

  1. No matter what they say. The public know how good it is because they use the facilities everyday. The SNHS would be even better if Scotland was Independent. £150Billion spent on Heathcare.

    The ConDem cut NHS funding £20Billion from 2015 to 2020.

    £270Billion has already been spent on the pandemic. Scotland did not get £27Billion for parity, Pandemic costs £370Billion over a lifetime.

    £13Billion a year is being spent on nuclear decommissioning, £130+over 10 years from 2021 to 2031. Yet the Tories plan to build more. Instead of funding the NHS.

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  2. Ofer £15Billion is spent in Scotland on healthcare. Nearly 1/4 of revenues raised It could be increased if Scotland was not paying for HS2 and Trident etc. Pensions and benefits could be increased to avoid administration costs. The cost of administration is nearly the cost of the pension/benefit pay out. UK pension/benefit pay out. £240Billion. Administration costs £235Billion. Women who worked P/T 70/80s were denied pension rights,


  3. I suspect it’s more a case of what it it drives off the main page as headline news, such as “Welfare squeeze to pay for tax cuts would be devastating, say SNP”.

    Seriously, who honestly gives a monkeys about “The King and I” visiting Scotland, or what Cokehead Gove is up to in Westminster, or come to that the Andrew heckler’s charge ?
    Likewise this blocking piece took prime place in Scotland/Politics until being demoted one place to announce Kamikwasi’s U-turn on his absurd 45p tax rate proposal, affecting how many in Scotland ? 1,000 maybe out of 2.7 Million ?

    It’s all a smokescreen….

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  4. Not just BBC Scotland. There is an article on the STV News website from yesterday that candidly, looks more like an opposition party press-release.

    Headline: ‘Humza Yousaf’s record-breaking failure putting lives at risk’ – Labour – The SNP MSP was appointed as Scotland’s health secretary in May 2021.’

    I’m left wondering if the journalist who wrote this STV piece has:

    – ever examined NHS performance statistics in England, NI and Wales

    – has any professional curiosity about/interest in why the NHS model across the UK is under such pressures

    – has any conception as a professional of the need to, the value of placing serious newsworthy issues – and yes, the challenges facing NHS Scotland are serious and newsworthy – in context and providing perspective

    – is simply ‘untroubled’ by opposition politicians in Scotland berating an individual health minister when their own parties in government in Cardiff and London have health ministers with responsibilities for health services that are facing exactly comparable pressures and performing LESS WELL on e.g. A&E metrics than NHS Scotland.

    If the profession of journalism is reduced to aggregating and amplifying – sometimes just reproducing – partisan oppositional statements without adding value through the application of professional skills and resources then what is the purpose … other than a blatant political one?

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  5. Is it not funny how no one trusts the BBC especially BBC Scotland. In Russia propaganda is free here in UK ,Ok we have to pay for it. Todays disengeuos broadcast Avion Flu is causing a shortage of Turkey for xmas, wild Birds are dying around our coast line but nobody knows why ?.
    Welcome to Brexit Tory Britain. The Bird life is being poisoned by raw sewage being pumped untreated into the sea. Seagulls and wild fowl are now bringing the infection in land which is mixing with other wild birds who then in turn spread it to chickens and turkeys. It’s nothing to do with Brexit or dumping sewage in the sea old bean. Disolve the Union.

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