Sub-poll: SNP and Greens surge to 62%

A poll of 2216 on 29 September, by PeoplePolling with has Labour 30 points ahead of the Cons with 50%. The Scottish sub-poll of 190 has Labour at 25%, Cons at 3% but SNP at 56% and Greens at 6%.

Survation on the same day with 1 329 has Labour on 42.6% and Cons on 23.6%. The Scottish sub-poll has Labour only on 24.2%, Cons on only 10% and the SNP on 43%.

YouGov on the 28-29th September, with 1 712, has Labour at 54% and Cons at 21% but, in Scotland Labour is on 38%, Cons at 10%, SNP at 44% and Greens at 4%.




13 thoughts on “Sub-poll: SNP and Greens surge to 62%

  1. Yet the SNP still sit on the hands though design, stupidity or Betrayal. We need a change of direction and a new focused leadership. Yeah a new Leader altogether. 8 years if nothing does not cut the ice. Dissolve the Union.


      1. The SNP membership need to have a petition of no confidence in Sturgeons leadership or a mass protest at conference to show we have had enough of her acquiescence. Things dont happen people make thinks happen, bland acceptance to the infultration of a Unionist core at the top of the SNP will not change its direction. The membership need to change the guard sooner rather than later. They are currently plotting a new constitution the final Betrayal with their labour pals . The party of independence needs cleansing and reclaimed putting it back on track.


        1. The usual bullshit we are so used to from the outer limits of the political landscape otherwise known as the Alba party, the arrogance on display here is off the scale and the accusation that the Labour Party are our pals is straight out of the realms of fantasy.


          1. Allan your are in denial, 8 years of nothing but a failed strategy, Sturgeon accepting the status quo, while children go hungry and people get ripoff ,free oil ,gas and electricity for colonial masters. What is the Sturgeon doing to project Scottish sovereignty or our claim of right. Why is the currency and independence not being discussed at conference. I vote SNP and have done for 45 years all my family have been members of the SNP at one time or another there would be no Alba or ISP if Sturgeon was doing the business, but she is not is she. It’s a consequence of a frustrated membership and a dictatorial leadership with her own agenda which is definitely is not independence. Remember that those such as the ISP and Alba vote SNP it is wrong of you to disrespect their commitment for the cause but that is the crux of the issue commitment that’s what we need from Sturgeon.
            Why hasn’t our MPs been withdrawn from Westminster which should have happened when in 2015 when we where taken out of the EU against our will remember. Strugeon had another chance to do this when Westminster denied the right to have a referendum our democractic choice. What is the good of our MPs going to Westminster ? Who listens to them anyway ? Why give Westminster any credence with our attendance ?
            What we have now with the SNP is a cult of Nicola , the label on the SNP can of being an independence party does not ring true anymore. There is only the person at the top to blame for this who stifles and frustrates the membership. But If you are a member of the SNP and are going to conference you may wish to ask why any of this is not been done why we dont have a plan or route map to independence after 8 years of lackluster leadership only sould bite, no action and ever decreasing membership of the party. I could be cynical and say this is by design but you’d probably say I have read to many Len Deighton books on the dark state.


            1. Allan we will see if the referendum happens , Sturgeon is already scuppered a plebiscite election. When she gets a job at the UN the penny might drop as it is with others.


    1. I don’t agree I would vote Nicola she has put the works in for this. You cannot arrange a countries money overnight it has taken years to put in place the Banking and money for pensions and currency what are you going to live on as it is Nicola Sturgeon is putting things in place nobody else thinks about it. That is why it failed before in 2014.


      1. 8 years of no planning no campaigning nothing. Sturgeon has promised a referendum, we will see. What stopped a referendum 8 years ago, oh well we didn’t get permission from our colonial masters, they said no, now is not the time.
        There will never be a time for them ever.
        How about projecting Scottish sovereignty and the democratic will of the Scottish people . What we have is a Nicola cult instead of a independence party. When has the SNP conference last discussed independence. I would expect nothing else than the leader of an independence movement to be at the head of every March like a Nelson Mandela or a Lech Walesa, thats the difference and what we who vote SNP want. Banking will take time to catch up with the politics, it’s a poor excuse to put the cart before the horse, beside Sturgeon has had 8 squandered years of in action. Meanwhile we give our neighbour free oil, gas and electricity while they extort us and robe us of our assets. I hope you are right but I fear not.


    2. Rubbish behind the scenes it takes a lot to get a country to get ready that is why it is 2023. Banks setting up does not happen in a day or months it’s taken years I will wait for SNP and Nicola not interested in any rubbish by anti snp.

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      1. Brother who said I am anti SNP, I want a successful SNP a democractic SNP ,where the members set the agenda and decide the focus which should and always be on independence first and foremost. Buy the way planning for a currency does not take 8 years or a referendum, Nicola is running out of time with her excuses and events are overtaking her. If I am wrong she will start to push but I dont think she has it in her. 44years of voting SNP has left me angry at the lost opportunities of having a dud squib of a leader. 6 Mandates of inaction.


  2. Labour look a shoo-in for government, but as a “week is a long time” blah blah, we should pause for breath.
    Shir Keir still has all the attributes of a crash-test dummy, and his “team” in Scotland are about as charismatic as wee Johanna Lamont was. And Jackie Baillie.
    They have NO Scotland-facing policies.
    Broonie is like Boris without the laughs, and anything he says can be equally discounted as a fabrication.

    Union Jock Murray–Hahahaha!
    Starwars? Friend of Fat Cats and rats.

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