Serious risk of deadly measles outbreaks on Scotland’s border

From the Guardian today:

Thousands of children face an increased risk of catching deadly diseases in England, and significant outbreaks are likely, child health experts have warned, as “alarming” figures show vaccination levels have plunged across virtually all jabs. The NHS Digital report found 89.2% of children at 24 months had completed their first dose of the MMR (measles, mumps and rubella) vaccine, a drop from 90.3% in 2020-21.

In London, uptake was only 74.8%!,by%20the%20age%20of%205.

Measles can be deadly.

In Scotland, 94.4% of children had the first dose of MMR vaccine by 24 months of age. This rose to 95.9% for children who had reached age 5.

For herd immunity, you need 94%.,interrupt%20the%20chain%20of%20transmission.


7 thoughts on “Serious risk of deadly measles outbreaks on Scotland’s border

  1. In simple terms this means
    Scotland in the unlikely event of a localised outbreak, Very easily contained and threat eliminated
    Whilst in England not if but when any more than 1 localised outbreak, then considerably fast & effective action at cost required
    If not so ( highly likely )
    Major impact on English NHS & Society


  2. When my son was a baby he could not get the measles vaccine or subsequent boosters because it was made up in egg albumin and he was violently allergic to eggs. He managed to make it through Mother &Toddlers, Playgroup, Nursery and into P1 before he caught measles. That he made it that far was due to the ‘protection’ afforded to him by the high rate of vaccination in the community. It meant he was relatively safe in those environments so that when he finally caught measles his immune system was better able to give him some protection from a bad bout of measles.

    Attaining herd immunity by achieving a high level of vaccination is important not just for those vaccinated but for those who cannot be vaccinated for medical reasons. I was very grateful to all those who had been vaccinated because of the protection it gave my son.

    For those who think measles and protection from it is no big deal the news 6 days ago from Zimbabwe that 700 children had died in a measles outbreak and thousands more were infected and many of those may suffer long term consequences of that infection. This you would hope would help to make people sit up and take notice and so boost the take up of vaccines in England but strangely it does not appear to have been widely reported in MSM in UK.

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    1. I think with the progressive disempowerment of local government in England under both the Tories and Labour since the 1960s, people have become distanced from government. Most of the services which we received are national services delivered locally and, in Scotland Councils, Health Boards and Police Scotland (via GPs and local Health Centres) still deliver most of these and we can make complaints and enquiries via our local councillors. This local element, rather than breeding contempt as the cliche has it, tends to promote trust and so, people go for their vaccinations.

      In England these things have been removed from Councils and given to private organisations and so there is little sense that they are part of the community. In addition, the ‘hostile environment’ attitude operates. Local people have become ‘customers’ and are not afforded much trust or respect. For most people in London, the Metropolitan Police acts like an occupying army.

      So, large sections of the population have detached themselves from the services because they do not trust them and, one of the consequences is the relatively low uptake of vaccinations.

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  3. London.
    World City.
    World diseases, and infection rates.
    Only weeks ago, polio was a factor.

    NHS England has its work cut out, but at least England’s Health Minister is clamping down on the Oxford comma.
    Free cigars for proper punctuation!

    Liz Truss has a ramshackle local hospital held up by stilts, but hey, Scotland’s NHS better buck up and reduce staffing and pay to England’s level.

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  4. We now live in a world of constant pandemics to create fear and alarm the smoking mirrors of the dark state. The right wing wish to keep the public of foot so we dont notice the draconian measures being put in place to ripoff us of and take away our freedoms. The politicians are being disengeuos as we drift into facism. Red Torys Blue Tory’s they are all the same and in the pockets of big business and corporations.
    Dissolve the Union.

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  5. Can anyone tell me how I can ‘like’ comments here? At present I am rejected and told my email is not a proper one, despite the fact that i was able to register on the site, get updates of new posts and can post comments.


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