Pensions: Will Archie McPherson explain why the Bank of England had to save them?

In 2014, former football presenter, Archie McPherson campaigned for No and used a complete lie about pensions to scare voters.

Astonishingly, he got away with suggesting that Britain’s 65 million people were helping to pay for Scotland’s pensions and that we’d be unable to pay for them ourselves. The mind-boggling confusion was not exposed by the MSM at the time.

Today, we hear that UK pension funds were put in peril of insolvency by the recent Con Government budget and that the Bank of England had to intervene to save them.

Will McPherson (85) be out again to explain this?


7 thoughts on “Pensions: Will Archie McPherson explain why the Bank of England had to save them?

  1. The stark choice is if you want a Pension, the NHS, back trading with EU and live in a country that is governed for the people and not the greedy 1% of Billionaires Dissolve the Union.

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  2. I live not far from him and look forward to discussing pensions, currency, the economy etc with him on my doorstep, preferably today as it’s fair lashing here!

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  3. Needless to say he will not say anything about this, neither will BBC Scotland they only talk about Dross’s ferries.

    On a separate topic I see that nearly 40,000 nurses have left NHS England in the last year. That is 1 in 9 of the total a year ago. This excludes the EU nurses that left in the few years since the Brexit vote.


  4. Woof ! And Archie , the big right-wing liar , is sent flying by the wee Scottish Independence fullback as he tries to shift the blame for his team’s poor performance on to Putin , Global markets , Hurricane Ian , Nicola , the SFA , ….

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  5. BBC Wales has an excellent piece on research by Prof John Doyle of Dublin University on Welsh independence.
    He estimates Wales net fiscal deficit on attaining independence would be far lower than previous estimates, at £2.6 billion.
    He also states that pensions for those who have contributed tax and national insurance should be met by London.
    Depending on negotiations.
    A very good read.

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