Poll: *Labour remain far weaker in Scotland than any other part of UK

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Much is being made of the latest YouGov poll for the Times, putting Labour a massive 33 points ahead of the Cons but, in Scotland, the picture is different.

In this one sub-poll of 147 Scots, Labour have surged a bit to 38% but are still behind the SNP at 44%.

So, what can we take from this?

  1. It’s only one poll.
  2. For Scotland, it’s a sub-poll far too wee to mean much on its own.
  3. It’s a poll of Westminster voting intentions and so means little for Holyrood voting.
  4. It seems to reveal that Scottish Labour are far weaker in Scotland than in any other part of the UK.
  5. In a first-past-the-post system, 38% will mean little. They might sneak a few seats from the Tories and maybe one or two from the SNP but that would be more than offset by SNP captures of Tory seats.
  6. * As anonymous points out in a comment below, much of the new Labour support will be Tories switching to the other Unionist party and leaving the combined Unionist vote little increased – rearranging deckchairs on the Titanic>

Worry not.


4 thoughts on “Poll: *Labour remain far weaker in Scotland than any other part of UK

  1. Put lipstick on a pig and it’s still a pig .
    Sarwar’s branch office is still a branch office of Starmer’s English Labour Party in which Scotland is a minor distraction . Largely forgotten if they are winning , then ignored when they are not .
    Talk of winning extra seats in Scotland is just that – talk !

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  2. I doubt any are in the slightest worried aside Tory MPs including Ian Murray..
    Labour’s rise in popularity in England is in response to Johnson etc then Truss etc..
    In Wales Labour has encouraged dialogue on Welsh issues.
    Contrast that with Labour’s public face in Scotland lying about support for independence, repeatedly distorting A&E figures, the state of education, etc etc in cahoots with the media, they bluntly have nothing to offer but negativity and a membership card.


  3. In the context of such a small sample, I suspect that the rise in stated support for Labour will have come from Tories of the same mind as former MSP, Adam Tompkins. As has been clear for a few years in both Holyrood and council elections, unionists are voting tactically for the party which is most likely to challenge the SNP. Given Labour’s purge of left wingers, its wrapping itself in the union jack, its lukewarm support for trade unions, its ‘centrist’ (i.e. Thatcherite) economic policies, etc., these erstwhile Tory voters feel no threat of ‘socialism’ in voting Labour.


  4. Labour are democracy deniers as much as the Tories, now is not the time, 40% rule for devolution. Blair stealing Scottish territorial waters.The list of their Betrayal is endless. Once they were the party of home rule till they got taken over the same way the SNP have by the British dark state. They wrap themselves in the Union flag, the Butchers apron ,that for me represents Anglophone colonialism in all its worst forms. Does anybody think Labour are any different from the Tories especially under the establishments stougge Starmer. We need change England does in it’s own direction with Brexit we must go in ours. The coercive one way Zombie Union is coming to an end it’s in collapse they themselves have destroyed it. We in Scotland have had enough of being the powerhouse of the economy but get no reward ,undemployement depravation and now starvation and the great electricity ripoff. The Union has always been about control of the Celtic assets whether is people or economic. Unfortunately we need the SNP colonial administration to wake up or stand aside , they could start by getting rid of the Unionists lackeys at the top of the SNP. Brothers and Sisters reclaim the party if you can do it at conference or leave on mass an join another independence party. Our time is coming we need action not Sturgeon acquiescence and capitulation to Westminster elite whose only concern is for England. Labour like the Torys are incapable of creating any meaningful change the Vow being just one example they like the Torys want a greater England to keep us locked into their sick dead Zombie state controlled by a feudal elite a recreation of a medieval backward society stuck in the past. We need independence and a blank sheet to start again the UK,Ok ship is sinking quickly If you dont want to swim with the rats and drown,(Now is the time to abandon ship) we dont want our feet wet.
    Dissolve the Union.


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