Imagine this medical chief had accused the ‘Scottish’ Government of causing child deaths?

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Yesterday, in Holyrood, Dr Jennifer Armstrong – Medical Director at NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde – raised concerns with MSPs of the ‘significant impact’ on mental health and primary care services ‘as more families are pushed into food and fuel poverty‘ caused by the current cost-of-living crisis, triggered by the actions of the UK Government.

Shockingly, she went on to say ‘If you’re in a cold house and you have asthma, COPD – and you’ve got young children – you‘ve got dampness then that will increase the amount of morbidity within the population.’ So, in less careful language, Conservative Government economic policies will kill children this winter.

BBC Scotland has studiously ignored this story. The newspapers published in Scotland, even the National, have certainly not headlined it. I can’t even see it on the Glasgow Times.

Instead it’s all ferries, selective cancer waiting times, tax cuts and the Labour Party.

6 thoughts on “Imagine this medical chief had accused the ‘Scottish’ Government of causing child deaths?

  1. …but if there is a pigeon related event near a hospital in the Glasgow area the BBCScotlandshire Disclosures team will be camped outside the Health Secretary’s door .
    Better yet , if there is a pigeon related event near an under construction ferry … !

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  2. Yep, and this really does need to be shouted from the rooftops and made clear that this is because of
    UK English governments’ class war, anti poor policies.

    Just watch though when people do start dying, the ‘media’ will blame the Scottish government.
    I was just thinking about this, yesterday, now it’s getting colder, if you sit in a cold house, dampness making it even worse, you are more likely to become ill or even need hospital care, which will impact on the NHS. Perfect, the Tories and their Labour pals are intent on scrapping the NHS anyway.

    Somehow not surprised the ‘National’ hasn’t picked this up…


  3. Easiest political situation is being in Opposition. Unionists can only dig up anything that puts Independence under criticism. They dare not, at any cost, raise any issues the Union inflicts on Scotland (Energy, Taxation, Pensions). Note, yesterday’s Debate on Health at Holyrood was proposed by the Tories. The debate was forwarded by Tory List MSP, Dr Sandesh Gulhane, posted into Holyrood in 2019. He practices ONE DAY a week (excuse?), Shadow Health Minister and I believe, has a wee side income as Queens Part FC’s Doctor……..following in the footsteps of Dross? They must at Holyrood divert any failings at WM (the Union Bankers) that might make the case for Leaving the Union more certain.


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